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Waging peace in the name of religion
By Charles C. Haynes International coalition focuses on shared struggle against common enemies of humankind — and harnesses that energy for common action.    08.05.07

School prayer in San Diego: New twist in old debate
By Charles C. Haynes Administrators meant well, but their solution to accommodating Muslim prayer during school hours is the wrong way to do the right thing.   07.22.07

For high school students, free speech is no joke
By Charles C. Haynes Narrowly drawn as Supreme Court justices tried to make 'Bong Hits 4 Jesus' ruling, don’t be surprised when many school officials and judges use it to find new grounds for censoring students.   07.08.07

American Muslims face double threat
By Charles C. Haynes Whenever radicals use Islamic teachings to justify violence, all Muslim Americans are affected by the fallout.   06.24.07