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'Must reads' 2006: Best of the First Amendment Center Online

First Amendment Center Online

'Must reads' 2007: best of the First Amendment Center Online
Editors pick top articles, commentaries, analyses on the site this past year.   01.03.08

How will our freedoms fare in ’07?
By Gene Policinski Some questions to consider as we look ahead to the first full year of the Roberts Supreme Court and a new Congress.   12.31.06

Famed N.Y. Times reporter shares thoughts on press, secrecy
Edited transcript of Ron Collins' interview joins selected bibliography of veteran political journalist Anthony Lewis' work.   12.26.06

The real ‘war on Christians’
By Charles C. Haynes Our manufactured cultural strife here is nothing compared to what's being done to Christians — and people of other faiths — around the globe.   12.24.06

Student Online Expression: What Do the Internet and MySpace Mean for Students' First Amendment Rights?
Print page for First Forum report by David L. Hudson Jr., 'Student Online Expression: What Do the Internet and MySpace Mean for Students' First Amendment Rights?'   12.19.06

Fear spoils freedom’s promise
By Paul K. McMasters It guarantees us our freedom to speak and pursue our dreams; will we betray it by trying to silence each other?   12.15.06

Justice Frank Murphy: 'champion of First Amendment freedoms'
By David L. Hudson Jr. Oft-overlooked free-speech giant distinguished himself during his years on high court as passionate defender of individual liberties.   11.21.06

Conversations with John Seigenthaler collection page
Collection page for First Amendment Center Founder John Seigenthaler's 2006 lecture series, 'Conversations with John Seigenthaler.'   10.20.06

Meaning of 'plainly offensive' speech anything but clear
By David L. Hudson Jr. Federal circuits are split over how to apply 1986 Supreme Court decision on student expression.   09.20.06

AIPAC, Espionage Act & First Amendment
By Ron Collins Though ruling two lobbyists can be prosecuted for leaking national-security info, judge also says Congress should review 1917 law.   09.04.06

Criminalizing speech to protect secrets
By Paul K. McMasters The specter of an 'official secrets act' rises again, casting a pall over free speech, free flow of information and government accountability.   08.13.06

Demonizing Islam threatens religious freedom
By Charles C. Haynes Americans must understand that most Muslims reject terrorism as un-Islamic.   08.06.06

British libel laws: cutting off crucial information
By Richard N. Winfield Review of new libel handbook shows how lawsuits crushed U.K. press coverage of Arab terror financiers.   08.01.06

Article digs up new info on old First Amendment case
By David L. Hudson Jr. Law-review piece explores why Justice Brandeis lauded free speech yet voted to uphold dubious conviction against socialist activist in Whitney v. California (1927).   07.14.06

First Amendment Watch blog with Gene Policinski
Collection page for First Amendment Center Vice President and Executive Director Gene Policinski's blog, 'First Amendment Watch.'   07.05.06

Despite splintered decision, Buckley tree still stands
By Tony Mauro Justices could have used Vermont case of Randall v. Sorrell to chop down 30-year-old campaign-finance precedent.   06.27.06

Teacher taught Miss. schools a free-speech lesson
By David L. Hudson Jr. Bessie Givhan's 1979 Supreme Court victory still resonates in public employee free-speech cases.   06.08.06

Bill seeks to shield kids from predators on social-networking sites
By David L. Hudson Jr. Congressional legislation would require public schools, libraries to prohibit children's access to sites like MySpace, Facebook.   06.07.06

Head-scratching follows Garcetti ruling
By Tony Mauro Will government employees now go public with complaints, rather than to supervisors?   05.31.06

Prayer protest at graduation: Fighting over God and country
By Charles C. Haynes Kentucky students imposed Christian prayer on public ceremony — even though there are legal, fair ways to acknowledge God at graduation.   05.28.06

Learning About World Religions in Public Schools
Print page for 'Learning About World Religions in Public Schools.'   05.08.06

Watch out for studies about TV harming kids
By Paul K. McMasters There's no sure way to predict how media will affect an individual; in fact, though children's TV watching is way up, youth violence rate is way down.   05.07.06

A moral battleground, a civil discourse
By Charles C. Haynes On 'Public Schools and Sexual Orientation: A First Amendment framework for finding common ground,' reprinted from USA TODAY.   03.20.06

Challenge to government: Stop shutting off info
By Eugenia Harris Former State Department spokesman Hodding Carter charges journalists to work harder against official secrecy.   03.16.06

Rumsfeld v. FAIR: What does it mean?
Online exchange by law professor Dale Carpenter, First Amendment lawyer Robert Corn-Revere about military-recruiters case.   03.09.06

Religious freedom: inherent right or gift of the state?
By Charles C. Haynes Supreme Court decision upholding church's right to use hallucinogenic tea should have been decided under First Amendment's free-exercise clause.   03.05.06

In defense of the right to offend
By Charles C. Haynes Amid the Muhammad cartoon furor, we should remember that freedom of religion does not mean freedom from offense.   02.19.06

Drawing fire and blood: free speech and religion
By Paul K. McMasters Though we should worry about expression that crosses a line, we also must concern ourselves about the difference between responsibility and fear — the danger of sensitivity becoming silence.   02.12.06

Alito on the First Amendment: excerpts from hearings
Partial transcript of proceedings in Samuel Alito's confirmation hearings before Senate Judiciary Committee.   01.12.06

'Must reads' 2005: Best of the First Amendment Center Online
Editors pick top articles, commentaries, analyses on the site this past year.   12.27.05

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