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Chronological list of cases
  Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition (2002)
  Bates v. City of Little Rock (1960)
  Board of Airport Commissioners v. Jews for Jesus (1987)
  Board of Trustees, State Univ. of New York v. Fox (1989)
  Broadrick v. Oklahoma (1973)
  Brockett v. Spokane Arcades, Inc. (1985)
  City Council of Los Angeles v. Taxpayers for Vincent (1984)
  City of Houston, Texas v. Hill (1987)
  Coates v. City of Cincinatti (1971)
  Dombrowski, et al v. Pfister (1965)
  Forsyth County, Georgia v. Nationalist Movement (1992)
  Gooding v. Wilson (1972)
  Kunz v. New York (1951)
  Los Angeles Police Dept. v. United Reported Publishing Corp. (1999)
  Madsen v. Women's Health Center, Inc. (1994)
  Massachusetts v. Oakes (1989)
  McConnell v. Federal Election Commission (2003)
  NAACP v. Alabama (1958)
  NAACP v. Button (1963)
  Ohralik v. Ohio State Bar Assn. (1978)
  Osborne v. Ohio (1990)
  Parker v. Levy (1974)
  Regan v. Time, Inc. (1984)
  Reno v. ACLU (1997)
  Sable Communications of California v. FCC (1989)
  Schaumburg v. Citizens for a Better Environment (1980)
  Shelton v. Tucker (1960)
  Tory v. Cochran (2005)
  United States v. Williams (2008)
  Virginia v. Hicks (2003)
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