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Study abroad in Cuba flunks court test
By Douglas Lee Teachable moment passes as D.C. Circuit judges fail to agree on meaning of academic freedom.   11.11.08

'The Donald' inadvertently bolsters shield laws
By Douglas Lee Though Trump likely never intended to ensure that New York, New Jersey are safe for confidential sources, lawsuit against author has done just that.   10.31.08

Bush should put his trust in US
By Douglas Lee In the meantime, courts are pushing back, ruling twice in recent weeks for the public's right to know.    09.30.08

3rd Circuit rejects juror anonymity in Wecht trial
By Douglas Lee Saying that in most cases openness outweighs risks of identifying jurors, appeals panel holds that press has right to know their names.   08.20.08

Government-speech doctrine can make restrictions too easy
By Douglas Lee Two recent cases show how a usually harmless principle may be applied in ways that put free speech at risk.   07.30.08

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