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"AP, "Court tosses FCC 'wardrobe malfunction' fine" 07/21/2008
AP, "Justice Department sues to collect indecency fines from Fox " 04/07/2008
Poynteronline, "FCC Fines 52 TV Stations for Airing "NYPD Blue" Episode" 01/28/2008
AP, "2nd Circuit: FCC's policy on accidental expletives is arbitrary" 06/05/2007
AP, "Family wants radio station off air after water-contest death" 01/23/2007
AP, "2nd Circuit takes up broadcast-indecency case" 12/19/2006
AP, "FCC drops 2, keeps 2 obscenity charges against TV shows " 11/07/2006
AP, "2nd Circuit halts enforcement of tougher FCC indecency rules" 09/08/2006
AP, "Bush signs broadcast-decency law" 06/16/2006
AP, "Senate approves 10-fold increase for TV, radio indecency fines" 05/23/2006
AP, "FCC proposes $3.9 million in fines for indecent TV programming" 03/16/2006
National Journal, "FCC Report: 'A La Carte' Cable TV Could Cut Costs For Consumers" 02/14/2006
FMQB, "FCC Takes Action on Indecency" 01/24/2006
AP, "Cable industry to offer more family friendly options" 12/12/2005
AP, "FCC chief to cable, satellite TV: Clean up your act or else" 11/30/2005
AP, "'Monday Night Football' intro not indecent, FCC rules" 03/15/2005
AP, "Indecency complaint leads to limit on blind broadcast service" 03/03/2005
AP, "Republicans urge satellite, cable indecency rules" 03/02/2005
AP, "Move to raise indecency fines fails" 10/11/2004
Corey Deitz, "Clear Channel Fires Little Rock Classic Rock Morning Host Tommy Smith" 07/22/2004
AP, "CBS would fight any Super Bowl fines" 07/19/2004
AP, "Howard Stern show expands to 9 new markets" 07/01/2004
Reuters, "Janet Jackson Breast Flash May Get $550,000 Fine" 06/30/2004
AP, "Senate OKs higher fines for indecency" 06/24/2004
AP, "Clear Channel to pay record $1.75 million to settle indecency claims" 06/10/2004
Jacques Steinberg, "Eye on F.C.C., TV and Radio Watch Words," N.Y.T. 05/10/2004
AP, "Judge tosses claim Super Bowl show was falsely advertised" 05/03/2004
Ray Richmond, "FCC indecency has Bochco in 'Blue' mood" (Hollywood Reporter) 04/27/2004
"US major broadcasters petition against tough indecency crackdown" 04/20/2004
AP, "Media firms, artists ask FCC to reconsider F-word ruling" 04/20/2004
Chris Baker, "FCC leader to stay tuned to racy soaps," Washington Times 04/02/2004
AP, "Broadcasters to consider code of conduct" 04/01/2004
AP, "A closer look at broadcast indecency" 03/23/2004
Dick Kreck, "Broadcasters jumpy about FCC scrutiny" 03/22/2004
(Denver Post)
AP, "Clear Channel Suspends Radio Show Hosts" 03/22/2004
CBS, "Poll: Janet's Revelation No Crime" 03/21/2004
John Mainelli, "Stern: Oprah Talks Dirtier" 03/20/2004
(NY Post)
UPI, "Election year decency?" 03/19/2004
FMBQ, "Infinity, Clear Channel Fined In Thursday's FCC Volley" 03/19/2004
FMBQ, "Content Behind Stern Fine? "Blumpkins" and "Balloon Knots" 03/19/2004
AP, "FCC to broadcasters: F-word out of bounds" 03/19/2004
US Newswire, "Indecency on the Air: Shock-Radio Jock Howard Stern Remains 'King of All Fines,' Says Center for Public Integrity" 03/18/2004
AP, "FCC cites Howard Stern, Bono for indecency" 03/18/2004
AP, "Carlin responds to indecency uproar -- with more than seven words" 03/15/2004
AP, "House panel votes for higher indecency fines" 03/04/2004
NBC, "Exec Criticizes Stern Before Lawmakers" 02/26/2004
AP, "FCC chief calls Super Bowl show 'new low'" 02/11/2004
Frank Ahrens & Lisa de Moraes, "FCC Is Investigating Super Bowl Show" 02/03/2004
(Wash. Post)
AP, "FCC proposes record fine for indecency" 01/28/2004
AP, "FCC chairman calls for bigger fines for broadcast indecency" 01/15/2004
AP, "Congressman proposes banning 8 crude words from airwaves" 12/16/2003
AP, "FCC proposes fines for shock jocks' sex segments" 10/03/2003
AP, "FCC: Howard Stern's show is 'bona fide news interview' program" 09/10/2003
AP, "Shock jocks pulled off air as FCC considers sanctions against station" 08/21/2002
"Court avoids dirty words during TV indecency hearing" (11/05/08)
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Gene Policinski, "Censorship in the name of decency?" 09/05/2006
Paul McMasters, "Racy downloads become more daring -- and portable" 12/04/2005
Editorial, "Media subject to ‘indecent’ regulations" 03/22/2004
(Columbia Chronicle)
Paul M. Weyrich, "Culture fight could endanger freedoms" 03/22/2004
James Sullivan, "Standards of indecency: After Janet's flash, FCC clamping down, but what is indecent, and who is deciding?" 03/21/2004
Peter Ames Carlin, "Sure, Howard Stern's and Janet Jackson’s antics made us mad, but . . . " 03/21/2004
Marjorie Heins, "What is the Fuss About Janet Jackson's Breast?" 03/21/2004
(The Free Expression Policy Project)
Kathleen Parker, "The freedom of not hearing Howard Stern" 03/17/2004
(Orlando Sentinel)
Congressman Ron Paul, "An Indecent Attack on the First Amendment" 03/10/2004
Ken Paulson, "Flashpoint: Janet Jackson and government regulation of TV" 02/26/2004
Michael Dorf, "Does the First Amendment Protect Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake?" 02/04/2004
Janeane Garofalo 'Speaking Freely' transcript (Ken Paulson interview with Janeane Garofalo)
Paul McMasters, "FCC to TV viewers: Watch what we say" (04/09/06)
Julie Hilden, "The Fight Over "Fleeting Expletives": How A Grant of Supreme Court Review May Lead to Expanded FCC Power and Reduced First Amendment Rights for Broadcasters" (03/31/2008
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HR 3717, "Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2004" 03/26/2004
(proposed House Bill)
Fine Against Infinity Broadcasting 03/18/2004
(re Howard Stern)
S. 2056, the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act 02/09/2004
(proposed Senate Bill)
Federal Indecency Statute, 18 U.S.C. § 1464
FCC, "Industry Guidance On the Commission's Case Law Interpreting 18 U.S.C. § 1464 and Enforcement Policies Regarding Broadcast Indecency"
FCC, "Complaints Against Various Broadcast Licensees Regarding Their Airing of the Golden Globe Awards Program, FCC"
(released: March 18 2004) (Golden Globe Awards)
List of FCC Enforcement Actions
(April 2000 – March 2004)
Indecency Cases, Supreme Court Decisions
FCC v. Pacifica
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Ronald Collins & David Skover, The Trials of Lenny Bruce
(Sourcebooks, 2002)
Marjorie Heins, Not In front of the Children
(Hill & Wang, 2001)
Robert Hilliard & Michael C. Keith, Dirty Discourse: Sex and Indecency in American Radio
(Blackwell Press, 2003)
Kevin W. Saunders, Saving Our Children from the First Amendment
(New York University Press, 2003)
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Concerned Women for America
Family Research Council
Federal Communications Commission ('Obscene, Profane & Indecent Broadcasts')
Howard Stern, E Online
Morality in the Media
National Coalition Against Censorship
Parents Television Council
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