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Biden's record long, mostly strong on free speech
By Courtney Holliday Delaware senator has dealt with issues of religious freedom, flag desecration and campaign finance.   10.01.08

First Amendment not prominent on Palin résumé
By Courtney Holliday Open government, press access are two areas in which Alaskan governor, vice presidential candidate has been at odds with news media.   10.01.08

For McCain, First Amendment runs 2nd to campaign reform
By Tony Mauro Arizona Republican's record shows other goals, from election financing to flag protection, trump free speech.   10.01.08

Obama's First Amendment record shows varied views
By Courtney Holliday Democratic candidate advocates strongly for open government; has led efforts against lobbying, attacked indecency.   09.29.08

Hillary Clinton says she'd replace Bush's FOI policy
John McCain, Barack Obama say they'd review current standard governing information release: when in doubt concerning national security, withhold it.   03.28.08

Huckabee: First Amendment ups and downs
By Melanie Bengtson GOP contender has tried to blur church-state separation, and has crossed swords with press, but bolstered Arkansas FOIA.   01.29.08

Romney's record goes beyond religion
By Josh Tatum As governor, Olympics chief and now candidate, Mitt Romney stakes out range of positions on First Amendment issues.   12.18.07

Hillary Clinton: wariness of the press
By Tony Mauro Democratic candidate has criticized Bush administration for secrecy while blocking access to some of her White House records.   10.30.07

Presidential contenders scramble to get God right
By Charles C. Haynes It may turn out that 'somewhat religious' candidates are preferred by a nation suffering from culture-war fatigue.   10.14.07

As NYC mayor, Giuliani chose order over free speech
By Tony Mauro Presidential candidate earned dubious distinction in 1999: a 'lifetime Muzzle award,' given to spotlight his attacks on the First Amendment.   07.11.07

First Amendment issues peppered Edwards' Senate career
By Tony Mauro While First Amendment law was not major feature of Edwards' legal practice, as Senator, he took stands on several free-speech, religious-freedom issues.   07.11.07

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