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Harper & Row v. Nation Enterprises (docket #: 83-1632) (1985)  [Findlaw]

Argument Date 11/06/1984
Decided 05/20/1985
Supreme Court Vote 6-3
Supreme Court Ruling Free Speech claim denied; ruling the Nation’s article was not "fair use" sanctioned by the Copyright Act.
IssueWhether the Nation’s publication of excerpts of President Ford’s memoirs from an article to be published by Time Magazine, based on a contract under which Time agreed to pay Mr. Ford for the right to excerpt 7,500 words from Mr. Ford’s account of his pardon of former President Nixon, was considered "fair use" under the Copyright Act.
Majority Opinion O’Connor, J. (joined by Burger, C.J., and Blackmun, Powell, Rehnquist, and Stevens, JJ.)
Dissenting Opinion Brennan, J. (joined by White and Marshall, JJ.)
Lower Court 2nd Circuit
Lower Court Ruling Free Speech claim upheld.
Oral Arguments audio record  [Oyez]
For Petitioner
Edward A. Miller

For Amicus
Association of American Publishers, Inc. and Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (supporting Petitioners)

Association of American Publishers, Inc. and Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (supporting Petitioners)

Opinion - Lower Court
Harper & Row Publishers, Inc. v. Nation Enterprises, 723 F.2d 195 (C.A.N.Y., 1983)
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Law (constitutional, statutory & regulatory)
For Respondent
Floyd Abrams

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