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Beyond the election: E Pluribus Unum
By Charles C. Haynes High priority for President-elect Obama: Help unify Americans, developing a common vision of the common good across our differences in the most religiously, ethnically diverse nation on Earth.    11.09.08

Without character, freedom fails
By Charles C. Haynes If we don't act now to strengthen the character of our young people, we won't be prepared for future challenges.   10.26.08

How would Jesus vote?
By Charles C. Haynes As pastors challenge IRS rule against political endorsements from the pulpit, it may be that whether a sermon is too political should be decided by worshipers, not Washington.    10.12.08

Using religion to win votes subverts the Constitution
By Charles C. Haynes 2008 race may be remembered as the sleaziest, most disturbing example of misusing religion to demonize the opposition.   09.28.08