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Fla. law against civilians wearing military uniforms ruled too broad
By David L. Hudson Jr. State appeals court finds 'statute has the potential to criminalize wholly innocent conduct, and is not narrowly tailored to address its goal.'   11.07.08

9th Circuit reinstates former school worker's retaliation claim
By David L. Hudson Jr. Split in federal appeals courts over how to interpret Garcetti may prompt high court to re-examine public-employee speech.   11.05.08

School can bar teen from handing out anti-abortion fliers
By David L. Hudson Jr. 6th Circuit upholds Michigan school's literature-distribution policy, finding hallway isn't a public forum.   10.10.08

3rd time not charm for suit over Jesus poster
By David L. Hudson Jr. Federal judge, who dismissed case twice before, rules school officials didn't violate boy's free speech by censoring religious-themed assignment.   10.07.08