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Arizona Internet-filtering bill clears Senate committee
A bill designed to prevent minors from accessing pornographic materials at public schools and libraries is headed to the Arizona Senate floor.   03.29.99

Bill to allow cameras in federal courts introduced in Congress
Proposal 'would give the public greater access to the legal system and keep the federal judiciary more accountable,' says Senate co-sponsor.   03.26.99

Oklahoma City to pay $400,000 to settle video dealers' 'Tin Drum' lawsuit
Groups filed suit after police confiscated all copies of the movie they could find from local video outlets and the public library.   03.19.99

Texas professors can testify as expert witnesses, rules federal judge
Decision is 'major victory for free speech and academic freedom,' says executive director of Texas Faculty Association.   03.18.99

Arkansas Senate committee has no appetite for food-libel bill
Measure is 'seriously ill,' says civil libertarian who testified that legislation had fundamental First Amendment flaws.   03.17.99

Government regulation of new technology is an old tale
'The First Amendment is not just … another document in American history; it is a binding contract with the American people,' say Freedom Forum speakers.   03.16.99

Nevada Senate panel considers barring use of hidden cameras
'This bill is an assault on the First Amendment rights of Nevada citizens under the guise of protecting their privacy,' says free-speech expert.   03.16.99

Minnesota high court finds no free-speech protection for mall protesters
'Decision reaffirms that the Mall of America is private property' and recognizes the rights of property owners, says mall's attorney.   03.15.99

'Video voyeurism' bill clears Arkansas Legislature
Press advocates don't support measure, but say it is more narrowly drafted than other, similar proposals.   03.12.99

South Dakota to require public schools, universities to filter Internet access
'It's important to take steps to protect our children from the harmful side of the Net,' says executive director of South Dakota Family Policy Council.   03.11.99

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