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FCC raids Knoxville pirate radio station

By The Associated Press

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Agents from the Federal Communications Commission raided a pirate radio station yesterday morning in Knoxville.

The three FCC officials were accompanied by three U.S. Marshals when they closed down the station called Knoxville First Amendment Radio, and confiscated all its equipment.

The station did not have a broadcasting license or any official management. KFAR operated in a secluded area of Knox Country out of a trailer that once served as a crack house. Until last February, its antenna was mounted in a tree.

The FCC had previously visited the station twice and warned KFAR's deejays to stop operation.

The deejays stopped for while but returned to air. When agents arrived again, KFAR posted a raid alert on its Web site. None of the deejays gave their names to avoid fines that could potentially bar them from ever having a broadcasting license.

The station broadcast on 90.9 FM and was reported to have had nearly 50 deejays, who all paid KFAR a $10 fee to cover the station's expenses.

There were only a few rules for a person to get on air: No racist, sexist or homophobic language, and no offending of community standards before 10 p.m.

The station's lineup included feature shows with various styles of music, and liberal political and social groups.

One deejay named Cricket said there were at least two deejays who played Christian music and one who played anti-abortion songs.



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