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Santa Fe Ind. School District v. Doe (docket #: 99-62) (2000)  [Findlaw]

Secondary Link Santa Fe Ind. School District v. Doe  [Legal Information Institute]
Argument Date 03/29/2000
Decided 6/19/2000
Supreme Court Vote 6-3
Supreme Court Ruling Establishment Clause claim affirmed
IssueWhether the Santa Fe School District's policy permitting student-led, student-initiated prayer at football games violates the Establishment Clause.
Case Summary & Additional Resources
Majority Opinion Stevens, J.
Dissenting Opinion Rehnquist, C.J. (joined by Scalia, J., & Thomas, J.)
Lower Court 5th Circuit
Lower Court Ruling Establishment Clause claim upheld
For Petitioner
Jay A. Sekulow

For Respondent
Anthony P. Griffin

News Stories & Commentary
"No Games on School Prayer," Washington Post Editorial, June 20, 2000
Babineck, Mark, "Town May Rethink School Prayer," The Associated Press, June 20, 2000
Greenhouse, Linda, "The Supreme Court: The Religion Issue; Student Prayers Must Be Private, Court Reaffirms," The New York Times, June 20, 2000, Sect. A, P. 1
Ruling - Lower Court
168 F. 3d 806
Tony Mauro Analysis
Backers of school prayer praise high court's decision to hear Texas case

Supreme Court bans student-led prayer at football games

Supreme Court expresses skepticism about student-led pre-game prayers

Chemerinsky, Erwin, CONSTITUTIONAL LAW (3rd Ed.) (2006), pp. 1213-1214, 1219-1221
David L. Hudson, Jr., "African-American First Amendment heroes "

Gey, Steven G. RELIGION AND THE STATE (2nd Ed.) (2006), pp. 365-378
Irons, Peter, "The Football-Game Prayer Case from Santa Fe, Texas," GOD ON TRIAL (2007), pp. 136-181
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