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Newspapers seek government records in anthrax inquiry
'The public has a right to know why [Stephen Hatfill] was targeted,' says attorney for New York Times and Los Angeles Times.     11.13.08
NYPD quietly drops policy on videotaping political activity
NYCLU, which has challenge to police surveillance rules pending in federal court, says department changed regulation last year but group wasn't notified until last month.     11.13.08
Mich. minister jailed for warning that judge faced God's wrath
ACLU, which is handling Rev. Edward Pinkney's appeal, says case may be 'first time in modern history that a preacher has been imprisoned for predicting what God might do.'     11.13.08
Jonesboro deposition remains sealed for now
Judge rules videotape of Andrew Golden, one of two boys who killed five people at middle school in 1998, won't be released until after civil lawsuit.     11.12.08
2 Calif. high school newspapers shuttered
ACLU sues after Tomahawk is scrapped; students decry cancellation of Scots Express after one issue.     11.12.08
Lawsuit revives controversy over nude musical revue
Gay arts group claims Milwaukee ordinance is unconstitutional because it gives officials 'unbridled discretion' over permit process.     11.12.08
High court won't hear challenge to sealed case
Legal newspaper publisher — backed by press advocate, 29 media groups — had sought access to case involving woman who claimed employer fired her because she had abortion.     11.11.08
Federal judge won't toss White House e-mail suit
Court allows two watchdog groups to pursue their case as they press government to recover millions of possibly missing electronic messages.     11.11.08
Judge OKs private meetings between Philly mayor, City Council
Two newspapers had sued to open closed-door budget briefings, which their reporters had been barred from attending.     11.11.08
Federal judge sides with 2 outspoken Detroit teachers
Court orders Stephen Conn and Heather Miller restored to classrooms, calling them competent educators who were punished for exercising free speech.     11.10.08
FBI kept file on journalist David Halberstam
Graduate students obtain documents — which show agency monitored prize-winning author's reporting for more than 20 years — by filing FOIA request.     11.10.08
Ohio agency director put on leave amid 'plumber' probe
State inspector is investigating whether Helen Jones-Kelley improperly authorized search of Samuel 'Joe' Wurzelbacher's records.     11.10.08
7th Circuit: Ill. not required to issue 'Choose Life' plates
Three-judge panel reverses lower court ruling, says state officials are within their rights in keeping any viewpoint on abortion off state's tags.     11.10.08
'Jena 6' proceedings should have been open
Louisiana appeals court finds judge didn't have authority to close juvenile courtroom, but doesn't say if news media can have access to records in Mychal Bell case.     11.09.08

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