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  Newspapers seek government records in anthrax inquiry
  'The public has a right to know why [Stephen Hatfill] was targeted,' says attorney for New York Times and Los Angeles Times.     11.13.08
  Mich. minister jailed for warning that judge faced God's wrath
  ACLU, which is handling Rev. Edward Pinkney's appeal, says case may be 'first time in modern history that a preacher has been imprisoned for predicting what God might do.'     11.13.08
  Jonesboro deposition remains sealed for now
  Judge rules videotape of Andrew Golden, one of two boys who killed five people at middle school in 1998, won't be released until after civil lawsuit.     11.12.08
  High court won't hear challenge to sealed case
  Legal newspaper publisher — backed by press advocate, 29 media groups — had sought access to case involving woman who claimed employer fired her because she had abortion.     11.11.08
  Federal judge won't toss White House e-mail suit
  Court allows two watchdog groups to pursue their case as they press government to recover millions of possibly missing electronic messages.     11.11.08
  Judge OKs private meetings between Philly mayor, City Council
  Two newspapers had sued to open closed-door budget briefings, which their reporters had been barred from attending.     11.11.08
  Ohio agency director put on leave amid 'plumber' probe
  State inspector is investigating whether Helen Jones-Kelley improperly authorized search of Samuel 'Joe' Wurzelbacher's records.     11.10.08
  FBI kept file on journalist David Halberstam
  Graduate students obtain documents — which show agency monitored prize-winning author's reporting for more than 20 years — by filing FOIA request.     11.10.08
  'Jena 6' proceedings should have been open
  Louisiana appeals court finds judge didn't have authority to close juvenile courtroom, but doesn't say if news media can have access to records in Mychal Bell case.     11.09.08
  Longtime student-media advocate still going strong
  By Courtney Holliday Since 1974, Student Press Law Center has worked to ensure that high school, college journalists have legal resources necessary to fight censorship.     11.07.08
  10th Circuit asked to block Terry Nichols deposition
  U.S. attorneys appeal federal judge's order in FOIA suit, saying act covers records, not people.     11.06.08
  Court avoids dirty words during TV indecency hearing
  Justices spend an hour talking about profanity on television without making plain how they would decide whether government could ban such words.     11.05.08
  Calif. police return confiscated news footage
  School district police chief had seized video of confrontation with Oakland Tribune photographer who was filming student protest.     11.05.08
  Public views news media as plumbing the depths for info on Joe
  Journalism expert says reporters' requests for public records on Ohio plumber were appropriate; meanwhile, state inspector general probes whether other info was improperly accessed.     11.04.08
  Pa. judge OKs news photographers outside polling places
  Ruling in suit brought by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, court says journalists can take pictures as long as they stay outside 10-foot buffer zone.     11.04.08
  Justice Dept. ordered to disclose warrantless-wiretapping memos
  Federal judge says he will review documents in private to determine if any info can be released publicly without violating attorney-client privilege or jeopardizing national security.     11.03.08
  McCain criticizes L.A. Times for not releasing tape
  Newspaper says it must respect condition laid down by confidential source who provided video of Barack Obama at party for Palestinian-American critic of Israel.     10.30.08
  Special officer suspended after arrest of cameraman
  Video of incident in Newark, N.J., also depicts Brian Sharif threatening reporter Christine Sloan with arrest and telling her, 'I can do whatever I want.'     10.28.08
  Presidential candidates opt for local interviews
  Experts say that unlike national media, smaller outlets give Barack Obama, John McCain and their running mates greater opportunity to stick to their own message.     10.27.08
  Author doesn't have to reveal sources for Trump book
  New Jersey appeals panel reverses lower court ruling that ordered Timothy O'Brien to disclose sources for claims that Donald Trump's wealth was in millions, not billions.     10.27.08
  Poll: Most Tennesseans believe government is secretive
  Sixty-two percent of respondents in survey commissioned by newspaper say they believe officials conduct much of public's business behind closed doors.     10.26.08
  Newspapers cry foul over housing-ad complaints
  Texas Press Association claims Austin Tenants Council is citing vague language in advertisements, trying to squeeze settlement money from newspapers.     10.25.08
  Mine foes seek Palin communications about failed ballot measure
  Lawsuit also accuses Alaska officials of trying to dissuade records requesters with excessive fees.     10.24.08
  'False light' isn't valid legal claim in Fla. courts
  State high court overturns $18 million verdict against newspaper; also sends separate case back to be considered under defamation claim.     10.24.08
  Nev. judge to governor: Hand over e-mails, or explain why not
  Carson City District Judge Bill Maddox says Jim Gibbons must answer lawsuit brought by Reno Gazette-Journal by Nov. 14.     10.24.08
  New batch of ex-Detroit mayor's texts released
  Disclosure comes after Michigan Court of Appeals refuses to block judge's ruling ordering messages unsealed.     10.24.08
  Obama campaign charging news media Election Night fees
  'It smells a lot like paying for access,' says Al Tompkins, former TV news director and instructor for journalism institute.     10.23.08
  News organizations challenge O.J. jury secrecy
  AP, Las Vegas Review Journal argue that Clark County District judge gave no valid legal reason for delaying release of jury questionnaires, redacting them.     10.22.08
  Public records are no bargain in cash-rich Alaska
  State is setting prices for copies of government documents that could bring in millions if anyone agrees to pay them.     10.20.08

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