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Does accommodating religious practice violate First Amendment?
By Charles C. Haynes Case involving prisoners' religious practices is crucial to protection of everyone's religious rights.   10.31.04

Ten Commandments: Religious message or civics lesson?
By Charles C. Haynes Though Supreme Court may finally set guidelines for government displays of the religious codes, the controversy won't end.   10.17.04

Politics from the pulpit: free speech or partisan danger?
By Charles C. Haynes American churches getting conflicting advice about what constitutes impermissible political preaching.   10.03.04

Jews in America: Beyond toleration to freedom
By Charles C. Haynes When they arrived in New Amsterdam 350 years ago, Jews were despised — but found welcome in Rhode Island's 'lively experiment' with religious freedom.   09.19.04

Bush vs. Kerry: Whose side is God on?
By Charles C. Haynes From Catholic debate over John Kerry’s Catholic faith to fight over partisan appeals in houses of worship, issues involving religion, politics are shaping public opinion in unpredictable ways.   09.05.04