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Pasadena city council gives final approval to handbill ordinance
'This law is not at all about limiting free speech but about protecting privacy,' says councilman.   06.23.98

High school psychologist claims she was fired for trying to save student lives
New Mexico counselor asserts she had free-speech right to help students stage walkout as a form of 'constructive self-advocacy.'   06.22.98

Topless dance club closed again
Judge upholds permit power of Ohio village officials, defers on First Amendment challenge to zoning law.   06.22.98

Judge throws out petition seeking to block new 49ers stadium
Initiative backers say there is nothing in state election code to allow the judge to dismiss the petition at the pre-ballot stage.   06.22.98

California city council moves to restrict handbills
Pasadena councilwoman says proposal could be 'the beginning of the erosion of our First Amendment rights.'   06.19.98

Swimsuit club claims county selectively enforced adult entertainment law
'The dancing that occurs at Bourbon Street is constitutionally protected by the First Amendment,' says Florida businessman.   06.18.98

Senate panel takes aim at 'the scourge' of the Internet
Speakers all support some government rules for junk e-mail but disagree on the extent of that regulation.   06.18.98

San Francisco official wants to put brakes on taxicab tobacco ads
City's 'content-based censorship' would invite a lawsuit, says spokesman for the Tobacco Institute.   06.17.98

Berkeley ditches plan to strip nude suspects of jury trials
Performance group director says she is 'shocked and appalled at the city attorney's flagrant disregard for First Amendment rights of free expression.'   06.17.98

Board of education refuses to ban The Witches
Anti-censorship expert calls action of Ohio board 'refreshing.'   06.16.98