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Arizona elementary school enforces mandatory uniform policy
'Uniforms grossly violate freedom of expression,' says attorney for parents opposing school dress code policy.   09.04.98

Judge grants temporary restraining order to Phoenix adult businesses
Attorney for establishments challenging state law says it is an 'invalid time, place and manner restriction on speech.'   09.04.98

Judge won't halt enforcement of California city's billboard ordinance
'The case raises the basic question as to whether commercial speech should be entitled to as much protection as noncommercial speech,' says attorney for billboard companies.   09.03.98

Court: Illinois real estate anti-solicitation law violates First Amendment
Realtors' attorney calls decision a 'very valuable precedent for commercial speech,' but state asks for review of decision.   09.02.98

Police officer appeals dismissal for alleged anti-gay statements
'There's a different standard of conduct when you're off duty and when you are on duty,' says attorney for fired officer.   09.01.98

Judge issues setback to NYC's enforcement of sex shop zoning law
Court finds three businesses are in compliance with 40% rule and won't have to relocate.   08.31.98

Court upholds Georgia rule prohibiting in-person lawyer solicitation
'The 11th Circuit has done serious damage to the First Amendment,' says attorney for two personal-injury lawyers.   08.28.98

North Carolina video store loses latest round in challenge to zoning law
Appeals court says Charlotte ordinance is a 'permissible time, place and manner restriction that does not violate principles of free speech.'   08.27.98

NYC activist arrested again – this time for selling papers without a permit
Artist-advocate Robert Lederman: 'I do not want and never want to be arrested, but I do want to have First Amendment freedoms and I am not willing to give them up.'   08.27.98

Court finds Spokane can require open booths in adult businesses
Attorney for adult arcades says his clients will 'probably appeal' to the Washington Supreme Court.   08.26.98