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Federal appeals panel strikes down key provisions of computer child-porn law
'Congress has no compelling interest in regulating sexually explicit materials that do not contain visual images of actual children,' 9th Circuit rules.   12.20.99

Washington court: Prison can bar sex offender from writing to his niece
Appeals justices find that restriction is 'narrowly tailored to meet the concerns facing the prison.'   12.17.99

Case of student expelled for poem could test First Amendment in public schools
Washington teen's lawsuit says 'the Constitution's protection of speech is not measured against the social backdrop of the times.'   12.16.99

Colorado court upholds conviction of man who took suggestive photos of minor
Judges find obscenity standard may be adjusted when dealing with child pornography.   12.14.99

Bar owner asks Supreme Court to overturn ruling on gay art
'The First Amendment does provide any less protection to gay art than heterosexual art,' says attorney for owner of Nebraska gay bar.   12.10.99

Ohio appeals court reverses conviction of woman who cursed in store
Words not 'fighting words' because they did not incite others, court rules.   12.09.99

Cop-cursing defendant loses free-speech argument before Ohio appeals court
'Epithets … that are descriptive of a particular person and directed to that person are often fighting words,' judges rule.   12.03.99

Cab driver arrested for booing D.C. mayor wins $102 jury award
It's 'outrageous' to arrest someone for critical speech, says driver's attorney.   12.02.99

Arizona prison can bar highly explicit adult magazines, federal court rules
Appellate judges say regulation satisfies 'common-sense' standard that sexually explicit publications may cause inmates to sexually harass others.   11.30.99

Florida woman files civil rights suit over profane bumper sticker
Criminal charges have caused a 'chilling effect on [plaintiff's] free expression,' suit alleges.   11.29.99