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Exotic dancer challenges 'personal advertising' conviction
Attorney argues ordinance being used as a 'tool to arrest those people the government deems undesirable.'   08.25.98

NYC park officials resume arrests of artists
Giuliani's administration 'seems to do what the court tells them not to do,' says attorney for leader of artist rights group.   08.25.98

California Senate: Parents must be notified when school guests talk about sex
Free-speech experts disagree over constitutionality of measure that now awaits governor's signature.   08.24.98

Court rejects First Amendment arguments of 'swinger' magazines
Attorney for publishing company says he will continue challenge of federal law.   08.21.98

Iowa public nudity law survives First Amendment challenge
Law was designed to prevent harmful secondary effects — not to suppress free expression — rules federal appeals court.   08.20.98

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jewell battle over disclosure of sources, sanctions
Jewell's attorney claims newspapers are engaging in delay tactics; newspapers' attorney says they are committed to defend confidentiality of sources.   08.20.98

Adult-business patron alleges civil rights violated by police
Search-and-seizure case has important First Amendment implications, says attorney for Florida man.   08.19.98

Judge drops charges against artists who sold work without a permit
'This is a great victory for the city's artists, for all of its people and for First Amendment rights,' says New York activist.   08.18.98

Orlando attorney fights Florida Bar over ad
By David L. Hudson Jr. Attorney contends ethical rule violates his commercial-speech rights.   08.17.98

Federal court upholds law banning broadcast of casino gaming ads
'We will seek relief from the U.S. Supreme Court,' says attorney for broadcasters.   08.07.98