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Judge reverses course, drops charges for parking-ticket comment
'This is absolutely a victory for free speech,' says attorney for New Jersey woman who wrote 'Hwy. Robbery Fund' on check.   04.15.99

Illinois Senate panel considers limiting online communications about pot
'If the bill becomes law, we will make all reasonable attempts to challenge it,' says executive director of pro-marijuana group.   04.14.99

Nevada hidden-camera bill dies in Senate committee
News media advocates applauded demise of measure they said would restrict press freedom.   04.13.99

Wisconsin lawmaker pushes school Internet-filtering bill
Measure is 'misguided attempt to protect children' and violates free-speech rights, says civil libertarian.   04.12.99

NFL team loses trademark protection for 'Redskins'
Attorneys for Washington franchise say they will appeal decision to a court that will review their First Amendment claims.   04.07.99

Filtering activist claims many public libraries ignoring FOI requests
David Burt says he may take legal action to obtain complaints, reports relating to patron access to online pornography.   04.06.99

Justice Department appeals ruling that blocked enforcement of COPA
'We are very confident that the 3rd Circuit will affirm' federal law violates the First Amendment, says ACLU attorney.   04.05.99

Anti-abortion posters to return to Philadelphia transit stations
Government officials agree to pay religious group's legal costs.   04.02.99

Senators again take aim at junk e-mail
'Failure to address the problem of junk e-mail now poses a greater threat to the Internet than do minimal regulations,' says sponsor.   04.01.99

Federal appeals court strikes down prison rule against gifts of publications
Judges determine there was 'no rational relationship' between Washington state regulation and governmental objectives.   03.31.99