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Teacher fired for allowing profanity says she will appeal
'This decision is frightening' and has serious consequences for teachers, says Cecilia Lacks.   06.30.98

Judge issues gag order in Kentucky teen's murder trial
Possible violations of court rules are cited by the judge as reasons for the order.   06.30.98

California law limiting release of information on arrested persons declared unconstitutional
Privacy law's multiple exceptions undercut its stated aim and led to violation of commercial free-speech rights, says court.   06.29.98

U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear appeal of Penthouse publisher
'This is a huge victory for the military and women,' says congressman.   06.26.98

Filtering software amendment passes House subcommittee
'When our tax money is used to provide Internet access, it must also protect our children from obscenity,' says congressman.   06.26.98

Utah Education Network ordered to release records of sites banned by filtering software
'The state should not be banning material which no reasonable person would consider harmful,' says member of the Censorware Project.   06.25.98

Judge strikes down liquor department rule banning nude dancing in clubs
'The type of protected First Amendment expression that Rule 52 threatens to punish is seemingly endless,' says court.   06.25.98

House panel examines bill to curb junk e-mail
Anti-spam group claims its opposing view was excluded from hearing.   06.24.98

Appeals court affirms firing of teacher who failed to censor student writing
'The decision signifies a real loss of academic freedom,' anti-censorship expert says of ruling that reverses jury verdict.   06.24.98

Washington's highest court upholds state stalking law
Justices find law 'a reasonable exercise of the police powers in protecting privacy interests.'   06.23.98