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State appeals court won't allow free-speech plea for cop-cursing defendant
Minnesota judges find that man's comments were 'fighting words' that receive no First Amendment protection.   09.17.99

Wisconsin woman fined for hanging ribbons claims free-speech violation
Beloit citizen says she hung yellow ribbons throughout town to remind residents of U.S. troops in Kosovo.   09.16.99

Senate Judiciary Committee holds hearing on Internet hate
'When it comes to hate on the Internet, the problem is the message, not the medium,' says Sen. Patrick Leahy.   09.15.99

Nightclub owner ask Supreme Court to review nude-dancing case
'The nature of the Barnes decision has led to much confusion as well as divergent results in the lower courts,' say Washington nightclub owners.   09.14.99

Posting of fliers wasn't protected speech, state appeals court rules
Defendant claimed he was leafleting, but Washington judges call it 'felony stalking.'   09.13.99

Federal appeals court says it's OK to open inmate's outgoing mail
Judges draw distinction between 'censoring' and 'inspecting' mail in Virginia case.   09.10.99

Federal commodities regulators appeal online free-speech decision
'It's a shame that a federal regulatory agency still refuses to accept,' First Amendment principles, says attorney for public interest law firm.   09.09.99

California attorneys lose free-association claim against state bar
Federal appeals court relies on 38-year-old case to reject First Amendment arguments.   09.07.99

Hundreds to challenge Florida county's school-uniform policy in court
'I really feel the eyes of the nation are on Polk County,' says founder of Parental Action Committee.   09.03.99

Grocer, advertising groups challenge L.A.'s ban on outdoor liquor signs
Lawsuit claims ordinance will restrict free-speech rights, deprive retailers of an 'effective advertising tool.'   09.03.99