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Abortion foes lose appeal over anti-picketing ordinance
Fargo, N.D.'s 1985 law is 'a valid, content-neutral regulation of speech to preserve home tranquility,' rules federal appeals court.   09.02.99

Federal appeals court strikes down NYC transit rule barring wearing of buttons
Dangers claimed by transit officials 'not sufficiently great' to justify suppressing employees' speech, court says.   09.01.99

Alaska mayor orders Internet filtering on all public library terminals
'We're not trying to be Big Brother here,' says spokesman for Anchorage mayor.   08.31.99

Federal appeals court reinstates inmate's First Amendment claim
Prisoner in New York claims right to form legal defense center for fellow inmates.   08.19.99

Correctional officer's free-speech claim gets go-ahead
Federal appeals court finds that speaking out against sexual harassment is clearly a 'matter of public concern.'   08.18.99

Senate to consider another Internet filtering bill
'Always buried within these bills are the seeds of the First Amendment's destruction,' warns free-speech expert.   08.18.99

Parents across the South battle mandatory school dress codes
'They are taking away our children's right to freedom of expression,' says co-founder of Tennessee parents group.   08.17.99

Student removes body-piercing jewelry after school threatens expulsion
'Body piercing symbolizes self-expression,' says 17-year-old Tennessee student.   08.17.99

Tennessee appeals court reverses businessman's obscenity convictions
'I would read this opinion to mean that simple ownership of a business is not sufficient for an obscenity conviction,' says attorney for adult video store owner.   08.16.99

Michigan ACLU will likely challenge library's Internet filtering policy
'The policy mandating filtering for all patrons violates adult free-speech rights,' says group's legal director.   08.13.99