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Orlando attorney sues Florida Bar — again
By David L. Hudson Jr. Lawyer investigated for being quoted in newspaper alleges two state bar rules violate First Amendment.   05.10.05

9th Circuit: College has right to keep 'political neutrality'
By David L. Hudson Jr. Panel finds professor’s assembly rights are trumped by Clark College’s interest in not appearing to endorse WTO protests.   04.25.05

'Muzzle' awards spotlight school censorship
By David L. Hudson Jr. Thomas Jefferson Center bestows its 14th annual awards focusing on attempts to squelch free expression.   04.12.05

Adam Porter’s case: epitome of overreaction in Columbine age
By David L. Hudson Jr. Louisiana student was expelled, spent four days in jail for drawing his brother inadvertently brought to school.   04.01.05

Cardozo's win: Triumph follows tragedy
By David L. Hudson Jr. After recent death of their coach, Moot Court law students successfully argue hypothetical case involving student expression, school safety.   02.28.05