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Alabama obscenity law comes under fire
Four separate federal lawsuits challenge aspects of 'toughest anti-obscenity act in the nation.'   08.06.98

Federal judge douses swimsuit-club owner's request for relief
Court's ruling doesn't address underlying First Amendment arguments, says attorney for club.   08.05.98

Company withdraws defamation claims against Cornell professor
Researcher says she hopes other academics will realize 'the answer is not to back down but to stand up and fight back.'   08.05.98

Federal appellate judge speaks out on the First Amendment
Alex Kozinski of the 9th Circuit talks about commercial speech, flag-burning, sexual-harassment law, other hot-button issues.   08.04.98

Federal judge strikes down Chicago's tobacco and alcohol billboard ordinance
City's arguments are a 'smoke screen' and 'built on a foundation of quicksand,' writes judge.   07.31.98

Student, school district await judge's decision in Confederate flag drawing case
Attorneys for Kansas boy contend school district's racial harassment policy has 'limitless scope' and violates the First Amendment.   07.30.98

Athletic association's recruiting rule violates First Amendment, rules federal judge
Judge determines Tennessee Secondary Schools Athletic Association is an arm of the state and subject to constitutional requirements.   07.30.98

Exotic dancer challenges Florida county's public nudity law
'The government cannot pick and choose what type of nude dancing and entertainment it will prohibit,' performer argues in federal lawsuit.   07.29.98

Dallas dance hall prevails as licensing law struck down
Texas appeals court quashed officials' 'veiled attempt to do back-door what they could not do through the front door because of the First Amendment,' says club's attorney.   07.28.98

Tennessee public high school adopts 'business-like' dress code
Free-speech experts question whether new policy violates students' free-expression rights.   07.27.98