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Sons of Confederate Veterans to challenge law banning logo from license plates
'This is nothing less than viewpoint discrimination,' says legal coordinator for the Rutherford Institute.   05.13.99

Reprimand to be removed from file of state employee critical of gay pride celebration
'This is an important victory for free speech in the workplace,' says attorney with the American Center for Law and Justice.   05.12.99

Congress shows continued interest in regulating Internet
Focus is on pornography, personal privacy, unsolicited e-mail.   05.12.99

Online publishing forces evolution of defamation law
By David L. Hudson Jr. Under what circumstances should an ISP be liable for defamatory statements posted by a third party?   05.12.99

Internet publishers, federal agency clash over regulations in trial
Rules 'conflict with the central premise of the Internet, which is that anyone can be a publisher,' says Institute for Justice attorney.   05.11.99

Federal judge dismisses challenge to Florida county's adult entertainment law
Attorney for Orange County club owner asks court to re-examine decision.   05.10.99

Michigan high court tells lower court to re-examine ban on home-business signs
Rochester Hills ordinance 'may directly advance the city's interest in preserving the character of its residential neighborhoods,' rules state high court.   05.07.99

Pennsylvania high court dismisses charges against woman who cussed at cop
'Offense of disorderly conduct is not intended as a catchall for every act which annoys,' writes court.   05.06.99

High court refuses to hear challenge to Georgia ban on in-person lawyer solicitation
'The court missed an opportunity' to clarify how much protection attorney speech has, says lawyer for two Atlanta personal injury attorneys.   05.05.99

Correctional officer can be demoted for living with parolee brother
Court says employer's need to avoid conflicts of interest trumps employee's free-association rights.   05.03.99