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Ohio appeals court says sexual solicitations weren't fighting words
Justices overturn conviction of man arrested for breaking state's 'importuning statute,' but find law doesn't violate the First Amendment.   01.25.99

Nude dance clubs to appeal ruling that upholds Tenn. public-indecency law
Attorney says clients will first ask full federal appeals court to review case and then, if necessary, take it to the U.S. Supreme Court.   01.22.99

Michigan teen drops lawsuit over dress code policy
School district to keep rules that led to suspension of student for wearing bands' T-shirts.   01.22.99

Arkansas legislator pulls Internet filtering bill for revision
Sponsor says he is reconsidering legislation after being told it might not stand up in court.   01.21.99

ACLU, Justice Department battle again over Net censorship law
Plaintiffs insist Child Online Protection Act suffers from 'same constitutional flaws' as the Communications Decency Act.   01.20.99

Federal appeals court upholds Tennessee public indecency law
Statute is 'aimed with adequate precision at combating secondary crime effects,' writes court.   01.19.99

First Amendment freedoms crucial to success of civil rights movement
Experts add that civil rights movement galvanized First Amendment doctrine.   01.15.99

Annapolis, Md., officials rethink rally-fee proposal
Civil libertarians say that if measure isn't clarified, it could violate First Amendment rights.   01.14.99

Clubs claim law regulating 'live sex acts' infringes on First Amendment rights
But Phoenix city officials say law only targets conduct, not expression.   01.13.99