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Crawford v. Marion County Election Board (docket #: 07-21) (2008)  [Findlaw]

Secondary Link Crawford v. Marion County Election Board  [Legal Information Institute]
Argument Date 01/09/2008
Decided 04/28/08
Supreme Court Vote 6-3
Note Companion case: Indiana Democratic Party v. Rokita / Note the Court's reiteration of its unwillingness to entertain facial challenges to law.
Supreme Court Ruling Affirmed.
IssueWhether a state law requiring voters to have a photo ID violates the Petitioners' First Amendment rights.
Majority Opinion Stevens, J. (announced the judgment of the Court and delivered an opinion joined by Robert, C.J. & Kennedy, J.)
Concurring Opinion Scalia, J. (concurring in the judgment, and joined by Thomas, J., and Alito, J.)
Dissenting Opinion Souter, J. (joined by Ginsburg, J., and Breyer, J.)
Lower Court 7th Circuit
Lower Court Ruling First Amendment claim denied
Oral Arguments Transcript
For Petitioner
Paul M. Smith

For Respondent
Thomas M. Fisher, Solicitor General, Indianapolis, Indiana

For Amicus
Paul D. Clement, Solicitor General

For Petitioner
Petition for Certiorari (#1)

Petition for Certiorari (#2)

Reply Brief (# 1)

Reply Brief (#2)

For Respondent
Combined Supplemental Brief in Opposition

AP, "High court appears split over challenge to Ind. voter-ID law" (01/10/2008)

AP, "Supreme Court: Ind. can require photo ID from voters" (04/28/2008)

Linda Greenhouse, "Justices Indicate They May Uphold Voter ID Rules" (01/10/2008)

SCOTUSblog (case documents)

Richard Samp, "More on Crawford: The Court Steps Back From Electoral Refereeing" (4/29/2008)

Rick Hasen,"Initial Thoughts on the Supreme Court’s Decision in Crawford" (SCOTUSblog / Election Law Blog, 04/28/2008)

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