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What is the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Act of 2002?
What is soft money and why is it being regulated?
What are electioneering communications?
What are the First Amendment concerns raised by the new campaign-finance law?
How do campaign-finance law supporters respond to the First Amendment issues raised?
How have the courts assessed the BCRA?
How did the Supreme Court handle the case?

Because the panel did not rule until May, the Supreme Court did not take up the issue until after its summer recess. Twelve separate appeals concerning the BCRA reached the Court, but they were consolidated and became known generally under the name McConnell v. Federal Election Commission. The justices, who traditionally do not begin their term until the first Monday in October, convened in early September to consider the case in a rare four-hour session. Some of the top First Amendment and constitutional lawyers in the nation argued in the cases — including Floyd Abrams, Kenneth Starr, Seth Waxman and the current solicitor general Theodore Olson. Following the arguments, the general view was that the justices would try to issue their ruling before the end of 2003, so that the uncertainty over the law would end before the 2004 presidential campaign got underway.

How did the Supreme Court rule on the BCRA?
Why is judicial campaign speech treated differently from other types of campaign speech?
I work with a political committee. Am I required to put a disclaimer on e-mails or on our Web site?
May I send an e-mail to a friend about a political topic or federal election without worrying about a disclaimer?
May I create my own personal political blog? May I post to another’s political blog?
What if I pay to place a political ad on someone else’s Web page? Would I be subject to any rules and regulations?
The company I work for provides commercial services online. May we provide our services to political committees and candidates?
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