December 8, 2008
Dennis K. Berman, Shira Ovide and Matthew Karnitschnig, Wall Street Journal, December 8, 2008

John Fine, Business Week , December 7, 2008
Michael Learmonth, Advertising Age, December 8, 2008
Marisa Guthrie, Broadcasting & Cable, December 8, 2008
Gres Sandoval, cnet news, December 8, 2008
Mark Sweney, The Guardian, December 8, 2008
Laura Martinez, Broadcasting & Cable, December 8, 2008
Michael Blush, Advertising Age, December 8, 2008
Howard Kurtz, Washington Post, December 8, 2008
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The News Gets Grimmer at Home and Abroad: December 1 - 7, 2008

Barack Obama made headlines with some major appointments last week. But the bigger story was the deepening crises the new administration will face—a cratering economy domestically and a set of global challenges highlighted by the Mumbai terror attack.

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What Cable Channels Are Covering After the Election

No media sector spent more time and energy covering the Presidential race in 2008 than the cable news networks. Now that the voters have spoken, how are the big three cable news outlets filling their airtime these days?

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Health News Coverage in the U.S. Media

At a time when health care is a major public policy issue, how have the U.S. media covered the complex subject of health? How much coverage does it generate? Which aspects get the most scrutiny? What media outlets pay the most attention? A new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Project for Excellence in Journalism examines those questions.

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Cars and Appointments Dominate the News: November 17 - 23, 2008

The future of the automobile industry became a major component of the country’s ongoing economic problems last week, and speculation about Obama’s cabinet appointments reached a new level.

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PEJ's News Coverage Index captures and analyzes some four dozen news outlets in real time to determine what stories the national news media is covering. The 2007 raw data is now available online; it totals 70,737 stories, and is offered in SPSS through the use of zip files along with the coding scheme.
The fifth annual State of the News Media 2008 includes a Survey of Journalists, a Year in the News, a look at the Future of Advertising, an analysis of Citizen Media sites, and more. It also analyzes the major trends in the eight main sectors of media.
The latest edition of Elements is completely updated and includes a new 10th principle--the rights and responsibilities of citizens--flowing from new power conveyed by technology to citizens as consumers and editors of their own news and information.