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Mukasey removes himself from Madoff investigation

[JURIST] US Attorney General Michael Mukasey [official profile; JURIST news archive] recused himself from the investigation of former NASDAQ stock market chairman Bernard Madoff [JURIST news archive] because his son is representing a top official in Madoff's... [full story]

Illinois high court rejects AG bid to remove Blagojevich

[JURIST] The Illinois Supreme Court Wednesday rejected a bid by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to have Governor Rod Blagojevich temporarily removed from office in the wake of corruption charges laid against him last week in connection with his.... [more]
Georgia court jails Muslim woman for not removing head scarf
6:00 PM ET
DC council passes legislation increasing gun owner requirements
11:24 AM ET
US transfers 39 detained Saddam-era officials to Iraq government
10:14 AM ET
SEC launching investigation of failure to act on Madoff fraud scheme
8:35 AM ET
US transfers three Algerian Guantanamo detainees to Bosnia
4:47 PM ET
Second Circuit rules national security letter gag requirement unconstitutional
3:40 PM ET
Pentagon appoints new chief judge for US military commissions
2:51 PM ET
US Marine sergeant pleads not guilty to killing Fallujah detainees
2:16 PM ET
Holder AG confirmation hearings delayed until January 15
9:06 AM ET
Illinois legislature begins Blagojevich impeachment inquiry
8:15 AM ET

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UK jury convicts first suspect charged with directing terrorism
3:00 PM ET
ICTY rules alleged Karadzic immunity deal invalid
11:02 AM ET
ICTR convicts former top Rwanda defense official of genocide but rejects conspiracy
8:18 AM ET
Russia rights activists warn new treason law raises Stalinist specter
5:15 PM ET
ICTY convicts Kosovo political figures for interfering with Haradinaj witnesses
4:41 PM ET
Turkish court combines judge killing, coup cases
3:23 PM ET
UN justice office urges more cooperation on combating piracy
2:30 PM ET
Indonesia province postpones decision to implant HIV/AIDS patients with microchips
1:52 PM ET
Iraq cabinet approves legislation for foreign troop withdrawal
11:38 AM ET
US transfers 39 detained Saddam-era officials to Iraq government
10:14 AM ET

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Contesting Impunity: Damages Against Senior Officials in National Security Cases

Peter Margulies
Roger Williams U. Law Schl.

SOFA Discards Contractors and the Rule of Law

Tara Lee
DLA Piper (US)

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Cone death penalty case shows priority of authorities is really to protect convictions12/17
Julien Ball [Administrative Coordinator, Campaign to End the Death Penalty]: "The State of Tennessee wants to execute Gary Cone on a technicality. It is beyond dispute that the prosecution withheld crucial evidence in the case. Cone argued that he suffered from amphetamine psychosis when he committed a double murder and should be spared the death penalty. The prosecution withheld a witness ...." [more]
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International Migrants Day

December 18 is International Migrants Day [UN factsheet], marking the 1990 adoption of the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families. On December 18, 1944, the US Supreme Court decided Korematsu v. United States, upholding the wartime relocation of Japanese Americans to internment camps. Read Executive Order 9066, issued by ...." [more]
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Supreme Court remands torture lawsuit by ex-Guantanamo detainees
Ex-DOJ lawyer was warrantless wiretapping whistleblower: report
Second Circuit rules national security letter gag requirement unconstitutional

Baltimore, Maryland
4:25 PM ET
Ingomar, Pennsylvania
4:25 PM ET
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
4:25 PM ET
Washington, DC
4:24 PM ET
Atlanta, Georgia
4:24 PM ET
Houston, Texas
4:23 PM ET
Elgin, South Carolina
4:23 PM ET
Oakland, California
4:23 PM ET
San Francisco, California
4:22 PM ET
Farmville, Virginia
4:21 PM ET
Montréal, Canada
4:20 PM ET
Washington, DC
4:20 PM ET
Mclean, Virginia
4:20 PM ET
Vancouver, Washington
4:19 PM ET
Hayward, California
4:18 PM ET
Santa Ana, California
4:18 PM ET
Chesapeake, Virginia
4:18 PM ET
Ward, Arkansas
4:16 PM ET
New York, New York
4:16 PM ET
New Zealand
4:16 PM ET

the chamber is not satisfied
"article 32 hearings" "transcr...

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