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Federal Communications Commission v. Pacifica (docket #: 77-528) (1978)  [Findlaw]

Argument Date 04/18/1978
Decided 7/3/1978
Supreme Court Vote 5-4
IssueWhether a broadcast of patently offensive words dealing with sex and excretion may be regulated because of its content.
Case Summary & Additional Resources
Majority Opinion Stevens, J. (announced judgment, with plurality concurring in various parts)
Concurring Opinion Powell, J. (concurring in part & concurring in the judgment) (joined by Blackmun, J.)
Dissenting Opinion Brennan, J. (joined by Marshall, J.), & Stewart, J. (joined by Brennan, J., Marshall, J., & White, J.)
Lower Court Distict of Columbia Court of Appeals
Lower Court Ruling First Amendment claim sustained
Oral Arguments Oral Arguments  [Oyez]
For Petitioner
Joseph A. Marino

For Respondent
Harry M. Plotkin

For United States
Louis F. Claiborne

For Amicus
Anthony H. Atlas for Morality in Media, Inc.

Charles M. Firestone filed a brief for the Committee for Open Media

George E. Reed & Patrick F. Geary for the United States Catholic Conference

Henry R. Kaufman, Joel M. Gora, Charles Sims, & Bruce J. Ennis for the American Civil Liberties Union et al.

Irwin Karp for the Authors League of America, Inc.; by James Bouras, Barbara Scott, & Fritz E. Attaway for the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.

J. Roger Wollenberg, Timothy B. Dyk, James A. McKenna, Jr., Carl R. Ramey, Erwin G. Krasnow, Floyd Abrams, J. Laurent Scharff, Corydon B. Dunham, & Howard Monderer for the American Broadcasting Companies, Inc., et al.

Paul P. Selvin for the Writers Guild of America, West Inc.

News Stories & Commentary
AP, "Clear Channel chief tells House panel he's 'ashamed' of program"

AP, "Congressman proposes banning 8 crude words from airwaves" (Dec. 16, 2003)

AP, "FCC chairman calls for bigger fines for broadcast indecency"

AP, "FCC chairman to Congress: TV, radio must clean up act"

AP, "FCC launches probe into Super Bowl halftime show"

AP, "FCC proposes record fine for indecency"

AP, "FCC proposes record fine for indecency""

AP, "House panel blasts FCC over indecency standards"

AP, "House votes to raise fines for indecent programming" (3-12-04)

Brown, Les, "Ferris Says F.C.C. Will Not Act As Censor of Controversial Issues," New York Times, July 23, 1978, p. 24
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Editorial, Washington Post, "Seven Naughty Words, July 7, 1978, sect. A, p. 18
Greenhouse, Linda, "Justices Back F.C.C. on Offensive Words," New York Times, July 4, 1978, p. 39
Heins, Marjorie , "More Than Seven Dirty Words"

Ken Paulson, "Flashpoint: Janet Jackson and government regulation of TV"

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Will, George F., "Is there a 'Periphery' on the First Amendment?," Washington Post, July 9, 1978, sect. B, p. 7
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"George Carlin's Seven Dirty Words"

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George Carlin web site

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