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The Law of Church and State in America

By Dean M. Kelley


Title page and dedication
About the author
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Volume 1 - The Autonomy of Religious Bodies

Table of contents
Introduction - A Brief Biography of the Religion Clauses
Chapter 1 - The Autonomy of Religious Bodies
Chapter 2 - Church Property
Chapter 3 - Church Membership
Chapter 4 - Church Employees
Chapter 5 - Church Resources
Chapter 6 - Church Structures
Chapter 7 - Church Records and Internal Communications
Chapter 8 - Freedom of the Pulpit
Chapter 9 - The Tragedy at Waco: An Annihilation of Autonomy

Volume 2 - Outreach

Table of contents
Introduction - Outreach
Chapter 1 - Evangelism
Chapter 2 - Conversion
Chapter 3 - Solicitation and Fund-Raising
Chapter 4 - Serving Human Need
Chapter 5 - Influencing Public Policy

Volume 3 - Inculcation

Table of contents
Chapter 1 - Religion and Education
Chapter 2 - State Regulation of Religious Schooling
Chapter 3 - Religious Inculcation in Public Schools
Chapter 4 - State Aid to Parochial Schools
Chapter 5 - Religious Activities of Students in Public Schools

Volume 4 - Practice

Table of contents
Chapter 1 - The Rights of Conscience
Chapter 2 - Civil Disobedience
Chapter 3 - Medical Treatment
Chapter 4 - Sacramental Practices and Provisions
Chapter 5 - Special Populations and Environments

Volume 5 - Shelters

Table of contents
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Removal of Protectionist Barriers
Chapter 3 - Appropriate Protections of Free Exercise
Chapter 4 - Governmental Proprietaries in Religion: Chaplaincies
Chapter 5 - Governmental Proprietaries in Religion: Creches and Crosses
Chapter 6 - Boundary Questions: The Riddle of Defining “Religion” and “Church”


5-volume book on church-state law posted
Online publication of manuscript by late Rev. Dean M. Kelley has 'rescued a masterpiece from oblivion.' 12.18.08

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