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  Ill. moment-of-silence law ruled unconstitutional
  Federal judge calls act 'a subtle effort to force students at impressionable ages to contemplate religion.'     01.22.09
  Federal judge won't order Obama not to use 'God' in oath
  Court also refuses request by group of atheists to block ministers from offering prayers at Jan. 20 inauguration.     01.16.09
  Inaugural plans causing stir over religion
  Barack Obama's choice of clergy for ceremonial prayers is under scrutiny like no other president-elect before him; meanwhile, atheist sues to strike 'so help me God' from oath.     01.15.09
  Fla. county schools ordered to stop promoting religion
  Federal judge says Santa Rosa County school officials must end various practices, such as instilling religious beliefs in class.     01.14.09
  High court turns away Va. council-prayer case
  Lower court had ruled that minister's use of 'in Jesus' name' when ending opening prayers wasn't protected because it was government speech, not individual expression.     01.13.09
  Ohio library settles suit over religious meeting
  County board agrees to pay $3 to plaintiffs, $10,000 to attorneys after barring couple from holding financial-planning seminar because they intended to quote Bible.     01.11.09
  ACLU seeks to clarify Pa. marriage rules
  State judges are split on who can perform marriages; confusion has led at least three dozen couples to remarry amid fears their unions might not be legal.     01.10.09
  Suit over state payments to La. churches settled
  ACLU argues state can fund nonreligious social services provided by churches, but not by funneling unrestricted funds.     01.09.09
  Breakaway parishes can't keep property, Calif. justices rule
  State high court's decision in favor of U.S Episcopal Church comes two weeks after Virginia judge finds for seceding congregations there.     01.06.09
  Woman can't use religious defense in monkey-meat case
  Federal judge allows smuggling charge to proceed, saying it's plausible that consumption of 'bush meat' could have religious significance but that claim lacks sincerity.     01.05.09
  Ore. appeals board backs shaman in land-use dispute
  Scott Young and wife want to use ranch building as church; board finds state zoning law violates Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000.     01.02.09
  Prisoner's religious objection won't stop DNA sampling
  D.C. Circuit: 'Government's extraction, analysis and storage of (Russell) Kaemmerling's DNA information does not call for Kaemmerling to modify his religious behavior in any way.'     12.31.08
  Newdow seeks to bar references to God from inauguration
  California atheist sues to remove phrase 'so help me God,' other religious references from presidential oath of office, block invocation prayer from Pastor Rick Warren.     12.31.08
  N.J. agency: Church group discriminated against gay couple
  Meanwhile, parties in dispute await ruling from 3rd Circuit on whether issue should be decided in state's Division on Civil Rights or in federal courts.     12.30.08
  In wider lawsuit, soldier claims military exhibits Christian bias
  Atheist serviceman alleges attempts to convert Muslims to Christianity in Iraq, Afghanistan; cites evangelical approach in suicide-prevention manual.     12.30.08
  Md. high court rejects church's bid for huge sign
  Justices say Trinity Assembly of God could reasonably 'identify itself and conduct outreach' without a sign 10 times bigger than zoning regulations allow.     12.29.08
  Conservative congregations win court case in Va. church dispute
  County judge rules that about a dozen churches that split from U.S. Episcopal Church can keep buildings, other property under Virginia law.     12.23.08
  Ill. high court prescribes further litigation by pharmacists
  Justices vote 5-2 to revive religious-liberty challenge to rule that prohibits drugstores from turning away women seeking emergency contraception.     12.20.08
  Feds finalize physician-conscience rule
  New regulation protects health-care workers who have moral objections to abortions, other procedures, but critics say rule limits patients' right to get care and accurate information.     12.19.08
  5-volume book on church-state law posted
  Online publication of manuscript by late Rev. Dean M. Kelley has 'rescued a masterpiece from oblivion.'     12.18.08
  Ga. woman jailed for not removing Muslim head scarf
  Judge orders Lisa Valentine to serve 10 days in jail for contempt after she refused to take off hijab at courthouse security checkpoint.     12.18.08
  High court revives ex-detainees' religious-abuse suit
  Justices instruct lower court to reconsider RFRA claims in light of their holding last June that foreign detainees have some rights under Constitution.     12.16.08

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