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  Autopsies are subject to public release, says Pa. high court
  Justices side with newspapers that sought autopsy report for Easton police officer shot and killed inside headquarters in 2005.     01.23.09
  News access issues concern press covering Obama
  News outlets question photo restrictions, ask why reporters weren't allowed to use names of administration officials giving background briefing.     01.23.09
  Obama orders rollback of government secrecy
  On first full day of office, new president moves to open presidential records, change how agencies interpret freedom-of-information law, limit lobbying.     01.22.09
  Ky. bill aims to protect student press
  If measure passes, state will join at least seven others that have enacted some form of protections for high school journalists.     01.22.09
  Daily newspaper sues weekly's columnist for libel
  Tulsa World sues Urban Tulsa Weekly's Michael Bates after he claims that daily misled advertisers about circulation figures.     01.21.09
  Federal judge: Cheney has broad discretion over records
  However, court rejects Bush administration's expansive view that vice president alone has right to decide what Presidential Records Act means for his office.     01.20.09
  Ariz. appeals court rules 'metadata' aren't public records
  Demoted police officer had sought hidden electronic data in supervisor's notes.     01.20.09
  ACLU challenges law requiring secrecy in whistleblower cases
  Lawsuit claims provision of federal False Claims Act violates free speech, keeps war-profiteering complaints hidden from public view.     01.19.09
  Wash. high court: $124K fine for withholding records is too low
  Majority finds penalty for violating Public Records Act isn't enough for King County's inexcusable delays in responding to request made in 1997.     01.17.09
  AP asks 2nd Circuit to reconsider 'American Taliban' ruling
  News cooperative says decision sealing filing in case 'substantially expands' range of info government can withhold from public; meanwhile, AP, other news media seek access to Gitmo records.     01.16.09
  White House ordered to preserve e-mails
  U.S. magistrate says Bush administration is ignoring court instructions to search full range of locations for all electronic messages that may be missing.     01.15.09
  Copies of disputed White House documents will be left for Obama
  Federal judge says incoming administration must receive contested records about the firings of nine U.S. attorneys during Bush's presidency.     01.14.09
  N.J. high court puts newspaper libel ruling on hold
  Justices are considering whether to hear appeal of lower court decision that allowed The Record to be sued for reporting allegations from lawsuit.     01.14.09
  NYC relents, gives press passes to 3 bloggers
  Men received Police Department-issued ID cards on Jan. 9, but say they won't drop lawsuit until city changes way it issues ID for journalists.     01.13.09
  N.Y. official questions governor's process for picking senator
  Open-government agency chief says secrecy surrounding David Paterson's selection of Hillary Clinton's successor may violate state law.     01.13.09
  Federal judge rules against White House on visitor logs
  Court says likelihood of harm to president's ability to perform constitutional duties isn't great enough to justify curtailing public-disclosure goals of FOIA.     01.12.09
  N.J. appeals court rules governor's e-mails are private
  Three-judge panel overturns lower court decision ordering release of messages Gov. Jon Corzine exchanged with union leader he once dated.     01.12.09
  Congress to judge: Force Bush to leave records at White House
  Justice Department lawyers argue that White House is required to give documents — which include material on firings of federal prosecutors — to National Archives.     01.09.09
  News media ask Neb. high court to release cemetery records
  Groups file brief supporting state historical society's bid to obtain names of 957 people buried in unmarked graves at former psychiatric hospital cemetery.     01.09.09
  House OKs 2 measures to open presidential records
  One would require public disclosure of presidential-library donors, other would overturn 2001 executive order giving presidents the power to delay records' release.     01.08.09
  2 cities withholding some crime information
  Phoenix police cite privacy concerns; Savannah, Ga., says it wants to shift crime reports online.     01.08.09
  First Amendment lawyer represents libel plaintiff vs. Times
  By Douglas Lee One of lobbyist Vicki Iseman's attorneys is Rodney Smolla, an expert on free expression who says sometimes the press 'crosses the line.'     01.07.09
  Judge OKs legal settlement for Mo. governor's e-mails
  Departing Gov. Matt Blunt must turn over thousands of messages to investigators, but several public-records issues remain unresolved.     01.07.09
  2nd Circuit: Detainee IDs can be kept secret
  Court reverses federal judge's decision that sided with the Associated Press, saying Guantanamo detainees have privacy interest.     01.06.09
  Rx-filling error not defamatory, Iowa court rules
  State appeals court finds Hy-Vee store employees didn't defame woman when they called police about concerns over a prescription and woman was arrested.     01.03.09
  Wis. board that investigates corruption keeps results secret
  Ethics division administrator notes 1-year-old law that created board prohibits it from disclosing details of most cases, says that flaw needs to fixed.     01.01.09
  Lobbyist files $27 million libel lawsuit against N.Y. Times
  Newspaper stands by story reported last February that Sen. John McCain's aides once worried about relationship between Vicki L. Iseman and then-presidential candidate.     12.31.08
  Contempt hearing for Detroit reporter set for February
  Former terrorism prosecutor wants to know who in the government helped David Ashenfelter with 2004 story about internal ethics investigation.     12.30.08
  Ohio Supreme Court adopts public-records rules
  While court says new rules are intended to balance privacy and access rights, open-government advocate argues they could restrict public access.     12.29.08

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