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  Appreciating Richard Seaver, editor of 'bombshell' books
  By Caroline Tenenbaum Grove Press editor who died this month was involved in publishing provocative works by Henry Miller, William S. Burroughs and others that ultimately defeated the censors.     01.24.09
  News access issues concern press covering Obama
  News outlets question photo restrictions, ask why reporters weren't allowed to use names of administration officials giving background briefing.     01.23.09
  Autopsies are subject to public release, says Pa. high court
  Justices side with newspapers that sought autopsy report for Easton police officer shot and killed inside headquarters in 2005.     01.23.09
  Nashville voters defeat 'English First' proposal
  Referendum's leader says he won't 'bring English up again because the people of Nashville have spoken.'     01.23.09
  Ohio court brings back ban on party ID for judges
  Justices vote 5-2 to reinstate prohibition, reversing course just weeks after lifting the ban.     01.23.09
  Obama orders rollback of government secrecy
  On first full day of office, new president moves to open presidential records, change how agencies interpret freedom-of-information law, limit lobbying.     01.22.09
  Ill. moment-of-silence law ruled unconstitutional
  Federal judge calls act 'a subtle effort to force students at impressionable ages to contemplate religion.'     01.22.09
  ACLU accuses Minn. charter school of promoting religion
  Lawsuit also claims Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy violates First Amendment by preferring Muslim religion over others.     01.22.09
  Ky. bill aims to protect student press
  If measure passes, state will join at least seven others that have enacted some form of protections for high school journalists.     01.22.09
  Unanimous Court sides with union in legal-fees case
  Justices agree Maine public employees' union can force non-union government workers to help pay for national litigation.     01.21.09
  Anti-porn law dies quietly in Supreme Court
  Federal law known as COPA, intended to protect children from sexual material online, was passed in 1998 but never took effect.     01.21.09
  6th Circuit rules against Mich. lawyer who criticized judges
  Three-judge panel overturns lower court decision that found state high court's rules of professional conduct were overly broad, unconstitutional.     01.21.09
  Daily newspaper sues weekly's columnist for libel
  Tulsa World sues Urban Tulsa Weekly's Michael Bates after he claims that daily misled advertisers about circulation figures.     01.21.09
  Federal judge: Cheney has broad discretion over records
  However, court rejects Bush administration's expansive view that vice president alone has right to decide what Presidential Records Act means for his office.     01.20.09
  Challenge to NYC term-limits extension tossed
  Federal judge rules plaintiffs 'failed to demonstrate that their First Amendment rights of free expression have been directly or indirectly curtailed' by changes to city's term-limits law.     01.20.09
  Ariz. appeals court rules 'metadata' aren't public records
  Demoted police officer had sought hidden electronic data in supervisor's notes.     01.20.09
  ACLU challenges law requiring secrecy in whistleblower cases
  Lawsuit claims provision of federal False Claims Act violates free speech, keeps war-profiteering complaints hidden from public view.     01.19.09
  S.C. state senator wants to ban profanity, sagging pants
  African-American Democrat says he wants young black men 'to emulate somebody like Barack Obama,' knows bill won't pass, just wants debate.     01.18.09
  Wash. high court: $124K fine for withholding records is too low
  Majority finds penalty for violating Public Records Act isn't enough for King County's inexcusable delays in responding to request made in 1997.     01.17.09
  Special court ruling upholds Bush surveillance policy
  Protect America Act of 2007 required telecoms to help government intercept international calls, e-mails for national-security purposes.     01.16.09
  Federal judge won't order Obama not to use 'God' in oath
  Court also refuses request by group of atheists to block ministers from offering prayers at Jan. 20 inauguration.     01.16.09
  AP asks 2nd Circuit to reconsider 'American Taliban' ruling
  News cooperative says decision sealing filing in case 'substantially expands' range of info government can withhold from public; meanwhile, AP, other news media seek access to Gitmo records.     01.16.09
  White House ordered to preserve e-mails
  U.S. magistrate says Bush administration is ignoring court instructions to search full range of locations for all electronic messages that may be missing.     01.15.09
  Inaugural plans causing stir over religion
  Barack Obama's choice of clergy for ceremonial prayers is under scrutiny like no other president-elect before him; meanwhile, atheist sues to strike 'so help me God' from oath.     01.15.09
  Federal court OKs Web streaming of music-swapping hearing
  'The public benefit of offering a more complete view of these proceedings is plain, especially via a medium so carefully attuned to the Internet Generation,' says U.S. District judge.     01.15.09
  Report: Technology alone can't protect kids online
  Harvard-led task force also plays down fears of Internet sexual predators who target children on social-networking sites.     01.15.09
  Copies of disputed White House documents will be left for Obama
  Federal judge says incoming administration must receive contested records about the firings of nine U.S. attorneys during Bush's presidency.     01.14.09
  N.J. high court puts newspaper libel ruling on hold
  Justices are considering whether to hear appeal of lower court decision that allowed The Record to be sued for reporting allegations from lawsuit.     01.14.09
  4th Circuit revives W.Va. video-lottery ad restrictions
  Unanimous panel finds federal judge erred in declaring that rules infringe on lottery parlors' free-speech rights.     01.14.09
  Fla. county schools ordered to stop promoting religion
  Federal judge says Santa Rosa County school officials must end various practices, such as instilling religious beliefs in class.     01.14.09

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