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Court tosses out defamation suit by attorney labeled 'ambulance chaser'
No matter how distasteful, the statement in legal directory 'was clearly an expression of opinion protected by the First Amendment,' writes federal judge.   12.15.98

Federal appeals court upholds 10-foot buffer zone in nude-dancing case
'The ten-foot distance requirement does not rob dancers of their forum or their entire audience,' according to court majority.   12.14.98

Librarian leads the charge in defending filtering software
'The First Amendment does not compel libraries to open up adult bookstores,' says cyber activist David Burt.   12.11.98

ApolloMedia takes challenge of CDA provision to Supreme Court
'We're asking the Supreme Court to make it clear … that Congress can't outlaw 'indecent' speech,' says attorney for company.   12.09.98

Judge extends delay in enforcement of Child Online Protection Act
New law puts 'adults engaged in serious, meaningful discussions online at risk of imprisonment,' says ACLU attorney.   12.04.98

Fan kicked out of Bengals stadium to step up criticism of general manager
Removal of spectator from publicly funded Cinergy Field 'raises serious free-speech concerns,' says constitutional law attorney.   12.04.98

Judge rejects Flynt defense team's challenge to Ohio obscenity law
Hustler publisher Larry Flynt will get his wish for a trial on obscenity charges next month, since a state judge on Nov. 30 rejected his attorneys' legal arguments that the Ohio obscenity law violates the First Amendment.   12.03.98

Appeals court affirms dismissal of adult-business patron's civil rights suit
A federal appeals court has rejected the appeal of a man who filed a civil rights lawsuit against the cities of Apopka and Orlando, Fla., after being stopped by law enforcement officials in his car shortly after leaving an adult business.   12.03.98

Military Honor and Decency Act challenged in federal court — again
'The prohibitions in the Act unconstitutionally discriminate against expression on the basis of content,' says lawsuit.   11.25.98

Decision in library filtering case: either a 'landmark' or a 'landmine'
Library board's policy was 'an unconstitutional solution in search of a problem,' says attorney for the People for the American Way.   11.25.98

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