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Sweezy v. New Hampshire (docket # 175) (1957)  [Findlaw]

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Argument Date 03/05/1957
Decided 06/17/1957
Supreme Court Vote 6-2
Note Thomas Emerson, who represnted the Appellant, auhtored THE SYSTEM OF FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION (1970). Recently, in Garcetti v. Ceballos (2006) the Court left open the question of the applicability of that holding to academic freedom.
Supreme Court Ruling Free speech claim upheld.
IssueWhether an investigation conducted under the aegis of state legislature to determine whether a professor was a “subversive person” in the State and including asking him for the contents of a lecture he gave at the State University and his knowledge of the Progressive Party violated the First Amendment.
Majority Opinion Warren, C.J. (joined by Black, J., Douglas, J., & Brennan, J.)
Concurring Opinion Frankfurter, J. (concurring in result) (joined by Harlan, J.)
Dissenting Opinion Clark, J. (joined by Burton, J.)
Lower Court New Hampshire Supreme Court
Lower Court Ruling Free speech claim denied
For Petitioner
Thomas I. Emerson

For Respondent
Louis C. Wyman, Attorney General of New Hampshire

Opinion - Lower Court
Wyman v. Sweezy, 100 N.H. 103, (N.H. 1956)
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