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When students 'cross the line' online
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Hit lists, bomb threats, parodies — in a MySpace profile or on a private Web site, does anything go? What have students gotten in trouble for in cyberspace?

A new First Forum report examines situations and court cases that have arisen around the country when students allegedly "cross the line" online.

David L. Hudson Jr. looks into some of the consequences in public schools when students post questionable material on social-networking sites and elsewhere in the world of the Web. Hudson, a research attorney at the First Amendment Center, also considers what courts have said about what's OK and not OK about different kinds of student speech online.

"Student Online Expression: What Do the Internet and MySpace Mean for Students’ First Amendment Rights?" by David L. Hudson Jr. also offers recommendations for schools in dealing with this contentious area.

The report can be downloaded as a pdf at the link below.


Girl's MySpace posting is protected speech, Ind. appeals court rules
Lower court had placed A.B. on probation for expletive-laden entry criticizing school principal, body-piercings policy. 04.10.07

Girls face harassment charges after fight filmed, posted online
South Brunswick, N.J., police say not only was attack on fellow student a crime, so was putting it on various video-sharing Web sites. 12.23.06

Ind. high court: Girl's MySpace post wasn't harassment
Justices overrule punishment but disagree with appellate court's rationale that judge had violated middle school student's free-speech rights. 05.14.08

People reconsider posting personal details on public Web sites
'They're now more conscious that information they post online can be used in ways they didn't intend it to be,' says professor. 01.02.07

Student Online Expression: What Do the Internet and MySpace Mean for Students' First Amendment Rights?

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