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First Amendment freedoms crucial to success of civil rights movement
Experts add that civil rights movement galvanized First Amendment doctrine.   01.15.99

Annapolis, Md., officials rethink rally-fee proposal
Civil libertarians say that if measure isn't clarified, it could violate First Amendment rights.   01.14.99

Clubs claim law regulating 'live sex acts' infringes on First Amendment rights
But Phoenix city officials say law only targets conduct, not expression.   01.13.99

Texas appeals court finds adult business-licensing law constitutional
Justices disagree with lounge manager who argues Houston police chief has 'unbridled discretion' over permit approval.   01.12.99

Newspapers sue San Francisco over removal of free-standing news racks
Ordinance 'is a horribly unconstitutional abrogation of First Amendment rights in San Francisco,' says editor of SF Weekly.   01.08.99

N.J. high court hears case of Boy Scout leader ousted for being gay
Group asks state high court to overturn ruling that found it had violated state anti-discrimination law.   01.07.99

Attorney, pursuing First Amendment passion, defends obscenity cases
By David L. Hudson Jr. 'Censorship is like cancer; in fact, it spreads faster than cancer,' says Cincinnati attorney H. Louis Sirkin.   01.06.99

Councilman to seek vote on Internet filtering in public libraries
Florida county official advocates filters for children but not for adults.   01.05.99

COPA's friends, foes square off over regulating the Internet
Panelists debate new federal law and whether it protects children from online pornography at the expense of adults' free-speech rights.   01.05.99