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City asks California appeals court to reconsider ruling in adult business case
'By changing the rules of the game while it was being played, the effect was to confer on [Anaheim] the arbitrary power to censor speech,' judges say.   07.16.99

Federal appeals court: Prison officials violated Muslim inmate's rights
Colorado prisoner should have been allowed to fast without interference during the holy month of Ramadan, judges rule.   07.16.99

Illinois appeals court rejects challenge to state's hunter-harassment law
Animal-rights activists 'retain the ability to express their views at numerous other times and places,' rules court.   07.15.99

California appeals court: Citizens don't have free-speech rights on store property
Store's interest in 'exclusive control over the use of its private property' outweighs societal interest in free speech, judges rule.   07.14.99

Federal appeals court rejects fired police officers' free-speech case
Retaliation claim fails because court finds matter is private employment dispute.   07.12.99

Anti-SLAPP bill dies in Oregon Senate
No abstract available.   07.09.99

Maryland appeals court orders new trial for woman convicted of disorderly conduct
Jury should have received instruction that speech might have been protected by the First Amendment, judges rule.   07.08.99

Georgia high court backs mall's no-solicitation policy
Justices say they are 'unwilling to depart' from precedent set in 1990 case.   07.08.99

N.J. appeals court upholds hunter-harassment law
Court rejects animal-rights activists' challenge of statute, ruling that it regulates conduct, not speech.   07.02.99

Federal judge strikes down rules for publishers of commodities information
'Such a prior restraint on fully protected speech cannot withstand the searching scrutiny of the First Amendment,' court rules.   07.01.99