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چشم‌اندازی برای حقوق بشر و دموکراسی در ایران
A Forum on Human Rights and Democracy in Iran
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This blog focuses on discussing human rights, covering everything from public stonings and floggings to women’s rights in sports.
Created by former Iranian political prisoners, this blog presents an exceptionally thorough and comprehensive look at human rights violations in Iran, regularly updating the site with news on political prisoners, government censorship, and cultural repression.

As uncensored of a blogger as they come, Faramin has been updating this blog since 2003, openly criticizing global leaders for their humanitarian shortfalls. Faramin adds commentary to news articles taken from a variety of sources.

Jadi started her English blog in May 2006 when her Persian one was blocked in Iran. The Tehran native blogs are about freedom of expression, censorship, and internet filtering, but ventures into politics and the economy on occasion.

Cyrus F. grew up in Iran reading leftist literature and learning about freedom from whatever classical texts that he could get his hands on. Today, he regularly writes about Iranian activists and the state of human rights.

Mehrangiz Kar is an Iranian women’s and human rights activist, lawyer, and author. Her accolades include recognition as a Radcliffe Fellow at Harvard University’s Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at the Kennedy School of Government, a recipient of the National Endowment for Democracy’s Democracy award, and a Scholar at Risk for promoting academic freedom and defending scholars’ human rights.

Blogging since 2003, Sheema Kalbasi is a human rights activist who writes short posts highlighting human and women's rights offenses and injustices—both in Iran and around the world, including the United States.

This blog covers a wide range of subjects under the umbrella of human rights abuses in Iran, featuring photos, political cartoons, articles.

Iran Human Rights is a blog that discloses human rights violations within Iran to the rest of the world, which is often shielded from these realities.

This personal blog details the struggle of the Baha’is of Egypt and Iran that have been subjected to persecution and oppression in their respective countries.

This human rights blog includes English translations of human rights news in an effort to help build a free Iran. 

Stop Torturing Us is a new blog that covers systematic torture in Iran.

Persecution of the Baha’is of Iran is a personal weblog that highlights the injustices suffered by the Baha’i minority community in Iran.

The Society for Human Rights in Iran – Southern California is dedicated to supporting a society in which all Iranians enjoy  human rights as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights convention.

This blog is devoted to defending the ethnic and religious minorities currently living in Iran.

The Center for Liberty and Justice: Winning the War of Ideas is dedicated to spreading the ideals of freedom, liberty, and rule of law worldwide.

The U.S.-Iran Blog is dedicated to protecting the territorial integrity of Iran through non-violent and transparent means. 

This blog is dedicated to Esha Momeni, the Iranian American student and women’s rights advocate who was arrested in Tehran on October 15, 2008 and released on bail on November 10. 

This blog provides information about contemporary developments in the human rights field and includes references to new publications and material about human rights.


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