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Global campaign for free expression
Support Free ExpressionClick here to visit our global maps of defamation and punishment.Htein Lin paintings made during his imprisonment in Burma. Click here to visit our webpages on artists that have had their freedom of expression attacked.Visit our campaign on Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma
The ArtVenture Freedom to Create Prize was awarded to Cont Mlanga of Zimbabwe and the two runners up were Belarus Free Theatre Group and Pakistani singer Deeyah. The Imprisoned Artist Prize was awarded to the Burmese comic and activist Zarganar, and the Youth Prize went to Brazillian hiphop group City of Rhyme.
Following the controversy and violence triggered by the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed, ARTICLE 19 continues to advocate against the introduction of blasphemy laws as a legitimate and proportionate answer.
As governments around the world implement new legislation to combat the threat of global terrorism, ARTICLE 19 is monitoring developments and intervening where necessary to ensure that a proper balance is struck between the need for security and respect for freedom of expression.
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