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Israeli Tanks Stopped in Gaza Strip
TEHRAN (FNA)- Israeli tanks were forced to stop in the Gazan towns of Jabalia, Beit Hanoun and Zeitoun amid a full-scale ground incursion into the strip. ( 15:45:40 - 2009/01/05)

South Africans Decry Israeli Genocide in Gaza
TEHRAN (FNA)- Close to 2,000 protestors chanting slogans gathered outside the United States Consulate in Johannesburg to protest Israel's barbaric bombing of Gaza and to support a campaign for boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel. ( 15:14:27 - 2009/01/05)

Hamas to Hold Gaza Talks in Egypt
TEHRAN (FNA)- Hamas will reportedly send a delegation to Cairo for truce talks amid ongoing Israeli air and ground attacks on the Gaza Strip. ( 15:03:47 - 2009/01/05)

UK Protestors Continue with Anti-Israel Demonstrations
TEHRAN (FNA)- Protests in London continued with demonstrations in front of the Israeli Embassy where riot police arrested two protesters on Sunday night as they set ablaze Israel's flag. ( 14:49:12 - 2009/01/05)

Gazans Grappling with Hunger
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Gaza strip is gripped by a humanitarian crisis as an Israeli ground incursion has deteriorated an already grave situation. ( 14:46:00 - 2009/01/05)

Israeli Death Toll Rising
TEHRAN (FNA)- Israeli death toll is rising high as the ground operations in the Gaza Strip has given the Palestinian resistance movement the first chance to trade blows on a not equal, but better footing with the Israeli army. ( 14:01:25 - 2009/01/05)

US Blocks UN Call on Gaza Ceasefire
TEHRAN (FNA)- The UN Security Council late Saturday failed to agree on a statement calling for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip after the United States had argued a return to the situation that existed before Israel's ground invasion was unacceptable. ( 17:03:17 - 2009/01/04)

Hamas Captures 2 Israeli Soldiers
TEHRAN (FNA)- Hamas said its fighters have captured two Israeli soldiers during clashes with invading Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip. ( 15:48:05 - 2009/01/04)

Gaza City Surrounded by Israeli Forces
TEHRAN (FNA)- The conflict in Gaza rages on with Israeli forces engaging Palestinian fighters with Gaza City having been surrounded by Israeli troops. ( 15:22:46 - 2009/01/04)

Another Senior Hamas Leader Killed in Gaza
TEHRAN (FNA)- Hamas said another of its senior commanders has been killed in more airstrikes on Gaza overnight. ( 17:21:43 - 2009/01/03)

Serial Explosions in Assam Kill Five
TEHRAN (FNA)- Five people were killed and at least 20 people were wounded, six of them critically, in a string of powerful explosions Thursday in Assam's main city of Guwahati. ( 15:21:32 - 2009/01/03)

15 Injured as Serial Explosions Rocked Assam
TEHRAN (FNA)- Fifteen people injured as serial explosions rocked Guwahati, capital city of Assam state, Thursday evening. ( 15:21:25 - 2009/01/03)

Londoners Continue Protests against Israeli Regime
TEHRAN (FNA)- As Israel continued its attacks on Gaza on Thursday, people thronged the Kensington High Street to cry their strong anti-Israeli feelings outside the regime's embassy in London. ( 14:29:07 - 2009/01/03)

Most Germans Oppose Merkel's Anti-Hamas Position
TEHRAN (FNA)- Nearly 70 percent of Germans reject Chancellor Angela Merkel's stance on blaming Hamas for sparking the Israeli military onslaught on Gaza, according to a survey released by the private sat 1 television network. ( 13:58:24 - 2009/01/03)

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