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14:49 | 2009-01-05


نسخه چاپي ارسال به دوستان

UK Protestors Continue with Anti-Israel Demonstrations

TEHRAN (FNA)- Protests in London continued with demonstrations in front of the Israeli Embassy where riot police arrested two protesters on Sunday night as they set ablaze Israel's flag.

The Islamic republic news agency, reporting from the Kensington Street, said that hundreds of protesters braved cold weather of the capital in support of the people in Gaza.

Demonstrators are calling for an immediate end to Israeli air and ground assaults on Gaza where the death toll has exceeded 500. Around 2,750 people have been also injured.

Respect MP George Galloway led Sunday's demonstration outside the Israeli Embassy.

Scotland Yard police announced yesterday that protestors at the front of the barrier line made repeated attempts to break through to the street leading to embassy.

Several protesters were arrested and more units of armored riot police were mobilized and forcibly moved waves of protesters away from the high street.

Galloway, who was caught up in yesterday's incident, said he and his daughter were thrown to the ground.

"It was very frightening. The police trapped us in the tunnel and attacked us repeatedly."

He told IRNA earlier that British government has been conspiring with Israelis in the past six decades.

Referring to historical facts indicating the British hand in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he said Gordon Brown has not changed the British policy of support for Israel.

"Israel has not a better friend in the world than the British government. Britain authored the Palestinian tragedy in the first place when Balfour on behalf of one people promised the second people the land of the third people. It's a desperate thing to do," he said.

Galloway added that the British foreign policy is to "stay step by step and shoulder by shoulder" with the United States in supporting the Zionist regime.