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16:01 | 2009-01-06


نسخه چاپي ارسال به دوستان

Venezuelan President Calls for Stopping Attack Against Gaza

TEHRAN (FNA)- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in a meeting with Iran's president special envoy and minister of industry called for stopping attacks against Gaza and underlined the necessity of sending humanitarian aids to the Gaza residents.

Ali Akbar Mehrabian , who is in Caracas , submitted President Ahmadinejad's message to his Venezuelan counterpart.

Conveying warm greetings of president Ahmadinejad to President Chavez, Mehrabian underlined the necessity of world community cooperation to free the oppressed people of Gaza from the Zionist regime attacks and crimes.

He said silence before this invasion can face the region and world with serious challenges, the Islamic republic news agency reported.

Special envoy of Iran's president said the Zionist regime actions are contrary to all international laws and regulation as well as human rights conventions and added that the US and a number of western countries ' support for the Zionist regime and the silence of them and international bodies on the crimes in Gaza unveil the fake nature of democracy pretenders.

Expressing sorrow for the latest events in Gaza and killing of hundreds of innocent people during the attacks against Gaza Strip, President Chavez called for ending Israelis invasion against region.

He declared his country's opposition to any kind of action against defenseless people, women and children and said that unfortunately the big powers by imposing dual standard policies are actually helping invaders.

Iran's Industry and Mines Minister arrived in Caracas on Sunday evening and is to travel to Nicaragua and Cuba after Venezuela to submit Ahmadinejad message to his counterparts.