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15:16 | 2009-01-18


نسخه چاپي ارسال به دوستان

Poll: Israel Cannot Defeat Hamas

TEHRAN (FNA)- Findings of a recent opinion poll conducted by an Iranian media outlet suggested that the Israeli ground incursion into Gaza will either lead to a defeat or Muslims unity against Tel Aviv.

Some 41 percent of the 26,385 respondents to a recent press tv poll are of the opinion that Israel will be defeated by Hamas, while 35 percent believe that Muslims will unite and come to the aid of the Palestinians.

Only 24 percent of the participants believe that Israel will be able to defeat Hamas in its ground incursion.

Israel launched air and sea attacks on Gaza on December 27 and later took its operations to the next level by sending its ground forces into the strip.

Some officials in Tel Aviv had originally described toppling the democratically-elected ruler of the strip, Hamas, as their objective in the operations. Other officials later downgraded Israeli objectives, saying they only seek to weaken the Hamas movement and bring an end to rocket attacks.

Now, however, Israel seeks to unilaterally end its war without having achieved any of its previously stated objectives.

The Israeli war on Gaza provoked worldwide condemnation of Tel Aviv, which has been accused widely of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.

So far the Israeli aggression has killed at least 1,215 Palestinians, many of whom are women and children. More than 6,000 others have been wounded.