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15:36 | 2008-12-02


نسخه چاپي ارسال به دوستان

Rafsanjani: US Preparing Infantry, Cavalry against Iran

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Expediency Council Chairman Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani warned on Tuesday that the US is preparing for hawkish measures against Iran.

Rafsanjani told the audience of parliamentarians that Iran holds a very sensitive position in the region and then called for unity in the country in order to defy enemies.

"Truly, the country is sensitive, the US is wounded by Iraq and Afghanistan war and warmongering in the world. The US is our top enemy."

"Its teeth are still sharp and none of them has been removed. The US is preparing its infantry and cavalry against us," the Iranian students news agency quoted him as saying.

Rafsanjani emphasized on integrity inside the country saying "there is a serious need for unity, we must follow the path behind the Revolution's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei with solidarity and unanimity in order to leave behind successfully the atmosphere that they have created against us."

His remarks were followed by those of Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani who said "beyond superficial changes in the United States, its adventurism strategy whether towards Iran or the region and particularly Palestine is still obvious."

The US economic crisis indicates the wrong policies which were employed in the "so-called managing the world" but as it is witnessed it has been trouble-making for other nations, he stated.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran showed through its wise strategy that the theory of unilateralism has reached a dead-end," he asserted and continued "through new international polarizations an opportunity has been created to prove Iran's power."

He then emphasized Iran's position in international political and economic spheres must be redefined through vigilant and correct decisions.