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14:07 | 2009-01-19

Foriegn Policy

نسخه چاپي ارسال به دوستان

Iran Optimistic about Iraq's Security

TEHRAN (FNA)- Visiting Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hassan Qashqavi conferred with Iraq's National Security Adviser Mowaffaq al-Rubaie over two countries' ties in political, cultural and media domains in a meeting in Baghdad.

The Iraqi official while appreciating Iran for its support for Iraqi government in line with restoration of stability and peace asserted the country still eyes Iran's further cooperation.

Al-Rubaie also highlighted Iraqi government campaign against terrorism and said "I assure that Iraq will not be a place for threats against any country and it will not be a base for terrorists."

Meanwhile, he added the remaining time until Iraq's public referendum over Iraq-US agreement for troops' withdrawal is of great significance.

"Iraq's people and government assess Americans movements, commitment and honesty for pull-out of their troops and Iraq's national sovereignty and if the people's assessment of the US behavior in the public referendum is negative, they must leave Iraq," the Iranian students news agency quoted him as saying.

Condemning Israeli crimes in Gaza he asserted Iraqi government has emphasized the Arab League support for Gaza people in Kuwait meeting.

Qashqavi for his part voiced Iran's readiness for cultural and media cooperation and exchange of media delegations.

Iran is optimistic about formation of Iraq's national sovereignty, achieving territorial integrity, independence, end of Iraq's occupation, he said and expressed satisfaction over improvement of security in the country.

He then asserted the world's Muslims demand serious measures for termination of Israeli crimes against Palestinians.

The Foreign Ministry Spokesman also held a meeting with Iraqi Deputy Foreign Minister Labid Abawi where the latter hoped exchange of media delegations would help correct reflection of political, social, cultural and economic realities of his country.

"Western media due to biased policies do not show Iran's current realities correctly and belie the truth," he said and called for Iran to share media experiences with Iraq.

Qashqavi for his part underlined the importance of public diplomacy and the media role in this regard and said Iran could aid the country in technical and training issues of the media field.

Also Iraqi Foreign Ministry's Spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh received Qashqavi and said the two countries share many common interests and common enemies and challenges, having in mind the smearing campaign of western media against Tehran-Baghdad ties it is important to boost media partnership in order to show the truth.

"In our point of view there are special relations between Iran and Iraq and considering the common threats against us, it is necessary that we expand cooperation in all fields including media ties in particular," he added.

Al-Dabbagh emphasized Iran's role is undeniable and it cannot be disregarded in the international scene and there is a great will in Iraq for promotion of bilateral ties.

Both officials also described Palestine issue a common problem in the world of Islam and emphasized on support for Palestinians.