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17:22 | 2009-01-15

Foriegn Policy

نسخه چاپي ارسال به دوستان

Iran Proposes 5-Article Proposal to UN to End Gaza Genocide

TEHRAN (FNA)- Following UN Security Council's incompetence in ending Israeli genocide of Gaza residents, Iran asked for an urgent General Assembly session to put forth its five article proposal on the matter.

Iran's permanent Ambassador to UN Mohammad Khazaie put forth Iran's proposal in a letter addressed to the UN General Assembly Chairman Miguel D'Escoto Brockmann on Wednesday.

Khazaie and Brockmann also had a 40 minute discussion, surveying ways for ending the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza by the Israeli armed forces, the Islamic republic news agency reported.

In the prelude to the proposal, we read, "As you are aware, despite the wrath of the world nations and the serious concerns of the international community, the brutal bloodshed and inhumane war crimes of the Zionist regime against the innocent Palestinians cooped up in Gaza Strip continues incessantly.

"The international community is witness to the fact that a society that is totally deprived of the most basic minimum standards of life, including drinking water and bread, is meanwhile under most brutal massacre with no way to escape, nor anywhere to take shelter, nor any food for any of its family members, great and small.

"Entire members of hundreds of families have been cold-bloodedly victimized by the Zionist regime's war machine and hundreds of women and children, along with other civilians of Gaza, have been targeted and murdered in premeditated acts of genocide. Even at the places where the UN had provided as shelters for those defenseless people to take refuge from the barbarous acts of the Zionists, the Gaza residents have been brutally and ruthlessly attacked, such as what the world nations saw in Israel's recent attacks against the UN schools in which over 40 people, mostly children got killed.

"The Zionist regime targets include any human being, any house, and any infrastructure body in Gaza Strip. That regime has in Gaza aimed at entire values that the civilized world has stood for and demolished the most basic indexes of the international laws, human rights, and philanthropist codes.
"This unleashed brutality needs to be stopped.

Continuation of this bloodshed and loss of more lives by the war machine of the Zionist regime needs to be halted and the Israeli war criminals need to be summoned to courts of justice and put to fair trails for the heinous crimes they have committed, and are still committing against the innocent people of Gaza.

The Security Council was initially halted by some of its permanent members from adopting any decision on the matter, and when it issued a late resolution, it failed in meeting the expectations of the international community, such as stopping the Zionist regime and avoiding the occurrence of more crimes; retreat of the Zionist military forces from Gaza, or even strongly condemning the Zionist regime for the crimes it has committed against humanity and holding the Zionists responsible for the crimes they have committed.
Even that late and insufficient resolution was totally ignored by the Zionist regime, as we were formerly witness to the nonchalance of the said regime towards the former UN resolutions.

"We believe under such conditions that the UN Security Council has been impotent in halting the occurrence of these crimes, the UN General Assembly, as one of the most formal, most democratic legal bodies of the United Nations, must adopt immediate moves aimed at urging the Zionist regime to end this mad bloodshed.

The UN General Assembly must convene its 10th urgent meeting aimed at issuing a resolution to condemn the Israeli crimes and ask for the following moves:

1. Immediate end of the Zionists' aggressive attacks against the innocent people of Gaza;
2. Immediate retreat of that regime's forces from Gaza;
3. End of the siege of Gaza:
4. Reopening of the passages;
5. Adopting immediate measures aimed at presenting humanitarian aides to the region's residents.

"Meanwhile, the international community should hold that regime responsible for the crimes it has committed and the damages it has caused against the defenseless people of Palestine and to make efforts aimed at convening an international court of justice to survey the crimes that the Zionist officials have committed against the Palestinian nation.

Therefore, your serious efforts aimed at resuming the 10th urgent meeting of the UN General Assembly at earliest convenient time to survey the medieval crimes of the Zionist regime in Gaza Strip, would be of great importance.

Please issue this letter as a formal document of the General Assembly under topics 15 (The Middle East Status), 16 (Palestine), 30 (Report of the Special Committee on Zionist regime's conduct towards the living conditions of the Palestinians and the other Arabs living in occupied territories), 99 (Action aimed at annihilation of international terrorism).